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Trans-Line Transport 650 Jimmy in Edmonton 1954 Trans-Line Transport 650 Jimmy in Edmonton 1954 Amalgamated Truck-Lines Freightliner 1954 on Snoqualmie Pass
Autocar from Trans-Canada in Spokane 1954 Diamond T from PIX 1954 on Snoqualmie Pass 650 Jimmy Transline- Edmonton the other Jimmy is Taber Transport. Two Freightliners from Canadian Freightways. Picture taken about 8 miles west of Cranbrook in 1954
Yours Truly in Sault Ste. Marie Ont. in 1956 with Midland Superior 1955 Kenworth CBE that I drove. The Kenworth was owned by Ray Hilsen from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The photo appears to have been taken when the truck was new or fairly new. Ray Hilsen is the man in the picture.
This Accident happened somewhere in Idaho in 1953. I can't remember what caused it. The Company was Refrigerated Express Lines from Vancouver. They had a load of eggs on board.

ONC ( Oregon Nevada California ) buckle Delta LInes buckle ABF ( Arkansas Best Freight ) buckle

Here are some pictures I took on Highway 1 between Hope and Bridal Falls B.C. on Sunday April 11, 2004
This Kindersley Transport Mack was parked at the Scales just west of Hope Tenold Bulk carrier approaching the scales on Highway 1 west of Hope Porter Freight Systems heading west on Highway 1 near Bridal Falls
Moznik Freightliner heading east on Highway 1 This fine looking C.I.L Kenworth is going west near Bridal Falls Super B-Train Freightliner is heading home, eastbound on Highway 1
Another Freightliner FLD going east near Bridal Falls H&R Transport Kenworth W900L westbound near the Agassiz turn off
Pictures were taken Monday April 19,2004 at the Agassiz Ready Mix Yard
Here is one of their truck's at the loading Bay This is one of their newest addition a 2004 Mack with a 427 This is one of their older Gravel Trucks

These pictures were taken in the Fraser Canyon on April 5, 2004

I was in the middle of the Alexandra Bridge when this KW came barreling across it. Here is a Lund Trucking Mack crossing the Alexandra Bridge This Pepsi truck was making a delivery at the Alpine Inn just north of Boston Bar
Trucks waiting at a Construction Site at Hells Gate Truck entering Yale Tunnel (is he going to make it?) Truck going through Yale Tunnel with load of Plywood (he made it)
Here is the same Load in Tunnel.
I took this picture while waiting for the truck to pass on the Agassiz By-Pass. Not realizing that traffic was piling up behind me until I saw the picture. Bayridge Transport at Husky Truck Stop in Cache Creek on May 2, 2004 2000 Volvo with a 500 Detroit and 18 Speed Road Ranger resting in Cache Creek to load in Savana next morning taken on May 2, 2004.

Miscellaneous truck pictures taken on Highway 1 near Bridall Falls on Sunday July 4, 2004
A couple of Visscher Petes I took, parked in Greendale, BC probably for the weekend. Taken in June 2005.
Some pictures from the old days. Wetaskiwin 1954. That was the beginning, now we have been married for over 48 years
Here are some rigs parked at the Husky at Flood west of Hope on August 14, 2005

Here are some recent pictures taken along the Coquihalla Highway taken in March 2010
Took these pictures of Hank Suderman at the 2010 BC Big Rig Show & Shine
at Chilliwack, BC in July 2010
Some night time shots taken at the 2010 BC Big Rig Show & Shine

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