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These pictures are from Walter Mulder who took these pictures in April 2002 at the Lethbridge Truck Terminal in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Lethbridge Truck Terminal is owned by Dean Paisley of Lethbridge. He took over the delivery of UPS in Southern Alberta in Sept, 2000. Walter is one of the courier drivers that came to work for him at that time. Dean owns all the tractors in these pictures, the van in these pictures will be Walter's after only two and a half more years of lease payments. :)

Five nights a week Lethbridge Truck Terminal pulls the UPS trailers from Calgary to Lethbridge, were they sort and sent one of their own trailers on to Medicine Hat, were three courier drivers take care of that City and surrounding area. The rest is handled by eight capable courier drivers operating from the main terminal building in Lethbridge. Four take care of the city, while the other four do the surrounding area. Walter's area is west from Lethbridge to the BC boundary, and South to the USA border. A beautiful area to work in, including Waterton National Park.

When you see the UPS ads on TV showing that the guys in the brown suits go anywhere, that is not true, the guys that go anywhere would be the independent contractors like Lethbridge Truck Terminal, and they have blue suits.

Most of these pictures were taken at the terminal between 7 and 8:30 on a nice Saturday morning.
  Here are a couple of pictures of the freight coming in on Highway 3.
Some pictures of Mike hauling triples.
Purolator is now contracting for UPS where UPS does not provide service themselves. This did cost me and many other independent contractors their jobs.

I now drive for the contractor for ATS (ANDLAUER TRANSPORTATION SERVICES) on the Lethbridge-Medicine Hat run.

Here are some special pictures of a 1941 2-ton Chevy truck. Below is also a history of this truck.

Short truck history by Morgan Wolsey of Cardston, Alberta.
E-mail: Morgan Wolsey

Mr. Christian Deibert of Cardston, Alberta, purchased this truck new in 1941 from Beny's Chevrolet-Oldsmobile in Lethbridge, Alberta. Mr. Deibert retains the original bill of sale. Original purchase price was $1468.00 for the truck. In the same year, he also ordered the box from Simpson-Sears for $62.00. When the box arrived, it had to be assembled.

This is the original in its entirety, though there were some improvements in 1952 when General Motors came out with an oil pressure system. We changed it to a drill crankshaft and put in an oil pump. The mileage to date is 75,000 miles. This vehicle has been well cared for through the years.

My wife, Alma Wolsey, who is a daughter to Mr. Deibert, owns this truck. It has always been in the family and is a real heirloom and a super unit.

The serial number of this vehicle is #1186307437 with Body #59.

On March 16, 1990, this special vehicle performed in a movie film called "Angel Square" in Edmonton, Alberta.

BTW, the truck is now for sale.

Who says we're getting old? I got a job offer today involving a substantial raise doing basically the same thing I have been doing now for a good number of years. :)
Looks like in August I will be going back to Lethbridge Truck Terminals. Pincher Creek/Crowsnest Pass run at $22.00/hr

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