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1966 Brockway - This truck was driven by a co-worker of my fathers. He was hit near-head on by another truck. Taken in Upstate NY.

1968 Chevrolet C50 - This is a truck that my father purchased to haul topsoil. He moved up from an F350, and drove this for several years, until the single-circuit brakes failed coming down a steep hill. He then moved on to a bigger and newer truck. That's him posing in our side-yard.

1971 Brockway Model 360 - My father drove this tractor hauling propane for AG Gundry in upstate New York. He enjoyed this Brockway, and the others he drove, thoroughly.

1977 Mack U-Model - This truck was one of the trucks my father drove for a few years hauling cardboard for several companies in Upstate New York. Thats me on the hood! My father described as being junk - never having the blanace due to the offset cab like the R's he also drove - when I asked him to identify it!

1978 International bus

1977 Brockway Huskie - this was a cab/chassis that my father delivered to Conneticut to have a tanker installed on it, for American LaFrance, shortly before they went out of business. My dad and I are posing in our backyard when I was just a few months old.

1979 Mack R-Model - Another truck my father drove for a while in the early 1980's (the picture was taken in 1981, when I was 4).

1985 Mack R-Model - My father drove this for many years, and described it as one of the nicest trucks he ever drove, hauling many different things, including glass and rolls of paper.

1986 International - This is a former CF City tractor that my father purchased and converted to his current dump truck. The safety factor alone was key in purchasing it, as well as the payload capacity, and the durability of the diesel engine.

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