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1986 Peterbilt. The truck originally was a city truck. After a while they stretched it and put a sleeper and a crane on it for the road. Now itís back to its original state as a yard truck. ( Bill Bedell has a updated picture of it in his collection ) Front view of the Pete on an installation job in Texas during the early 1990ís.
Thanks to My Dad for teaching me the proper way of taking care of a truck, And for the PETE having the tattle tale box (showing how I drove).
I was promoted to the aerodyne which at the time was the flag ship truck.
1989 Kenworth Aerodyne that I drove for three years while delivering dock boards. The truck had a 3406 cat engine 9 speed, bunk beds , closet and a refrigerator. This is the first truck that I was assigned while installing dock boards. It was a 1978 Peter built, also was the oldest truck of the fleet at the time. Being the youngest Driver out of 10 other drivers, I still had to prove myself as a professional.
Pictures of the 1978 Peterbuilt which I nick named "the mule" on an inside job installation. Notice how clean the truck is. I hand polished it on my Day off. Even if it was the oldest it was still my 1st over the road tractor
Before and after picture of a truck I drove for a year after leaving the road. The picture on the left is of me in April of 1995 on my last trip. The picture on the right is two weeks later after the other driver took over. He fell a sleep at the wheel and rolled the truck. He was not hurt to bad and the shop had the truck repaired and back on the road a month later.
The truck I drove in 1986 while living in Utah .I was delivering sod locally and on weekend took trips to the ranch to get an extra load of sod. The picture of the truck is on a section of the old Pony Express Route. The ranch even had an old relay station on it. The same Peterbilt that I drove hauling sod. The picture on the left was taken at the ranch and the other one was taken on the top of Parleys Canyon heading west down towards Salt Lake City.
Taken in Hartford Wisconsin sometime in the early 40ís while my Dad temporally drove for Jones Port Washington Wisconsin soon after my Dad began hauling pre-fab houses. Dad worked for Morgan driveway for eighteen years and became in charge of the total operations after three of working for them My Mom sitting on one of my dads trucks in the early 1950ís. The truck is loaded with a pre-fabricated house that was set up in one day.
Line up of trucks at the plant in the late 1950ís after Dad was promoted to Transportation Manager

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