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1958 Hayes Clipper hauling for Sabre Freightlines. That is Jay's Dad, Jack standing in front of the Hayes. It is Jay's understanding that this truck was the first long wheelbase into Ontario from the West Coast. The picture was taken in 1961. Sabre Freightlines 1958 Hayes with Jack Tanche standing by the truck. Pacific Inland Express 1958 Hayes tractor.
Hi-Way Tank Lines Hayes with Jack Tanche. The picture was taken at the Flood Cafe, just west of Hope, BC in July 1960. Jack Tanche with Greyhound on the Calgary to Vancouver run.
A neat Kenworth camper taken in 1985 at a rest area around Mountain Home, Idaho. The personalized plates said, "KWRUNT."
Coquihalla Highway Phase 3 construction Bridge Beam for Potholes Creek.
Coquihalla Highway construction Bridge Beam for Pennaske Creek.
Here is a shot of Gordy Dahl's Mack and Jay's Freightliner just loaded for Grand Forks.
Here is one of the beams for a bridge at the south end of the Coquihalla Highway.
Beam in transit for the West side brdge at Grand Forks. Shot was taken at Towers Ranch, BC.
This is a picture of Lindquist #31 as it was when Jay finished "dressing it up", and before Lindquist owned it.
1989 Kenworth leased to Lindquist Trucking.
1989 Kenworth leased to Lindquist Trucking with a Super "B" load of OSB.
Here are some more pictures of the 1989 Kenworth when Jay owned it. The Kenworth was later traded in on a new 1996 Freightliner Classic.
This was Jay's first new truck. He took delivery with 37 kilometers on it. This was also the driving force behind the fleet of Classics at Lindquist, as Jay's truck was the first of its kind working there.
This is Jay's present truck. She is custom ordered with Bells, Whistles, Toys, a Lion under the hood and the legs of a Jack Rabbit. Picture was taken at Bodaga Bay CA.

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