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Procter's Cartage was started by my grandfather, William I. Procter in 1944 in downtown Toronto. He hauled freight from the terminal warehouse on the Toronto harbor front. The trucks were mainly used equipment and were a multitude of colors, though he frequently used green with black fenders with cream wheels and pinstriping.

The fleet size steadily grew until our current 50 power units and various trailers. My grandfather operated a rainbow of trucks until about the 60's and early 70's when he changed the color to a green and black scheme like the Dodge C900.

During the 1980's the company colors and logo were changed to the present day ones. About five years ago we purchased a used ford L9000 that was black with a silver frame. Suddenly the idea was born for us to paint bluegreen on the frames to lighten up the appearance of the formerly solid black trucks. The L9000 was the first unit with bluegreen frame.

In 2000 we purchased the Peterbilt 379 daycab and it became the first unit to have bluegreen fenders. The trailers also have their frames painted bluegreen as well as many of our straight trucks have recieved bluegreen rear doors. We will continue to remain a family owned and operated business. We love our trucks and take great pride in them and operating a presentable fleet.

Unit 149 200 Pete 379 119". Kept in immaculate condition by driver Paulo Marcon. Sunrise, the Pete ready to get his trailer and be on his way London bound Unit 157. 1986 Ford LTL9000. 400 cat, 15 direct, 222"wb, 3:55 rears. This truck started life as Roadex Transport 86-119 where it stayed for most of its life. We picked it up at the boneyard as a parts truck for it's sister currently undergoing the same process. We soon realized we couldn't kill her and it ended up the way it is now. The cab was completely repaneled in the process. The headache rack was my dad's idea after being inspired from the red cover truck in a ford brochure.
157 and 153 at their own private showing at our house A flock of big birds. Three eras of International Eagles. Taken at a customers lot in Toronto Old Dodge C900 High cab with 318 Detroit and tag axle taken at the yard on Davenport Rd. Toronto in the 1970's. Notice the fresh paint being admired by its driver my uncle Wayne
Probably the cleanest container tractor in the Toronto area. My ride is a 1997 International 9200 Eagle with 430 Detroit and 10 speed Spicer. Purchased used from Olsen Transport, a 2 truck fleet, privately owned by a tree farm in Schomberg Ontario. My tractor was one of three sisters purchased by them. About 4 years ago we bought 2 sisters from them because of their factory black paint. The third having been taken off their lease by International and probably destroyed because it developed a disease known as frame flex. My tractor in Port Hope on a sunny morning in July 2003. A group shot of 4 International 9200's of three different generations. 1995 original hood, 1997 and 1998 old cab and new hood and 2001 new cab on a Saturday afternoon in September 2003. All with factory Eagle pinstriping.
Unit 155, 1998 International 9200 Eagle. 330 Cummins M11 and super 10. Purchased new by Albion Hills Transport and wears original black paint. The only truck in the fleet with train horns. Unit 160, lovingly cared for by my brother Clayton Procter. 2001 International 9200 Eagle. 430 Detroit and 10 speed Roadranger. From the 2nd replacement batch for Olsen Transport on 201"wb. Taken September 2003 in a reunion photo with its veteren sister 153. Unfortunately these tractors did not look like this at Olsen Transport. 153 at CP Rail's Vaughn Ontario terminal August 2003 after turning heads of many terminal managers and other employess enjoying their lunch on a sunny afternoon.
Unit 151 1992 International 9400 Eagle. 400 Detroit and 10 speed Roadranger. Purchased used from a now defunct Pharmacy Cartage, a Toronto based company that began around the same time as my grandpa started. This is me and my winter beater that takes the punishment of winter so that 153 can sleep inside for the winter. Also started life at Roadex Transport pulling bulk tankers for Royal Plastics all it's life. 400 Cat was rebuilt by Roadex after putting its parts through the oil pan near Sarnia, Ontario. 15 direct and 3:55 rears and a 186"wb with Hendrickson spring that will bounce you out of your seat if you drive over a pebble. Unit 135 1995 International 9200 Eagle purchased new that also wears original paint. Was the first Eagle we have owned 365 Detroit and 10 speed Spicer.
1998 Ford Louisville 9511 with C12 Cat and 13OD. One of the last Fords built before the Sterling take over. Unit 140 a 1995 Ford LTLA9000 with 3406E Cat and 10 speed. The truck was one of a group of seven or eight from LOCAM truck rentals in Quebec that found refuge in Toronto. Parked beside its sister 141 on a rainy Saturday in July. Unit 133 1995 Ford LTA with 430 Detroit and 13 OD. Purchased new from Stevens Ford mercury in Kitchener, Ontario.
1974 Dodge Bighorn taken at the ATHS Syracuse 2003 show. 350 Cummins and 13OD. We have owned it for about 6 years now. Started life as a Midland Transport unit and then retired and restored by a car collector in Caledon, Ontario before being treated with a coat of bluegreen paint on the frame. 1965 Mercury M 950 also taken at Syracuse show. 6V71 detroit and 13OD. My dad's favorite. He has the words "crazy 'bout a Mercury" on the back of the cab. Unit 132 1995 Ford LTA with M11 330 Cummins and ten speed. Purchased new to pull tankers out of West Hill, Ontario.
Unit 153 with Procter's first air ride trailer filled with a load of insulation and proudly wearing gold stripes of its original owner. On its way to Woodstock Ontario the Monday after the Fergus Truck Show 2003. Unit 152 identically spec'd sister to 153 and 160 except for wheelbase. Taken after a partial polish job in an attempt to look like its shiny sisters. One of the few tractors to still have solid black paint. Big Red my Dad's personal transportation that I took to work one day with friend Chris Hall. 1986 LTL9000 with 400 Cat and 13OD that a float company in Whitby, Ontario bought new. We purchased 3 winters ago. The truck also wears its original brochure paint scheme.
Unit 150, a 2000 Valu-Mack CH613. Unit 154 a 1998 International 9100 M11 370 Cummins with 10 speed Roadranger. Bought used at only 8 months old.

What would a Ford lover think of this Dodge intruder?
Dodge Bighorn taken at ATHS southwestern Ontario Chapter meet at Historic village located in Milton Ontario, September 2003. The only current out of color truck in our fleet. 1998 Mack CH613. Powered by a 427 Mack with 18 speed. Bought used in winter of 1999. Unit 143 purchased new at Eastgate Ford in Hamilton. C12 Cat and 13 speed. Taken on a mild February day in 2003.
Unit 142. Identically spec'd to sister 143 except for 60"spread. Unit 141. Sister unit to 140 pulling a pig trailer summer 2002. Unit 138. 1996 Ford LTA purchased new from Stevens Ford Mercury in Kitchener. Shown sitting under the front of trailer 530, a Thibodeau Finch fallout.
Unit 128. 1984 GMC Astro. 300 Cummins and 9 speed. Unit 130. 1988 Ford L9000. 350 Cat and 15 speed with small mic mac bunk. The truck was purchased used and then gave its life on a trade in for units 153 and 152. Unit 125. Purchased used with sister 126 as former Route Canada trucks. Notice the use of old Route Canada logo with the words "Procter's Tankers" on the door. 125 remained in the fleet until about 3 years ago when it was sold to make room for an appreciative Roadex LTL. 126 was lost to the forbidden terrors of Nobleton Truck wreckers after blowing up its 3406B 350 Cat on the 401a few years prior.
Used 1984 L9000 number 122 lettered quickly by my grandpa and his stencil. Purchased from Range truck rental in Toronto. Unit 122 in a more contemporary black dress. Powered by 350 Cummins, 9 speed and Hendrickson spring. Unit 114. 1984 Ford LNT9000 with Flatbed taken somewhere in Toronto. The truck had a twin unit 112.
Unit 123. 1987 Ford LTS9000 purchased new for tanker service. 350 Cat and 9 speed with New-way air ride. 1984 Ford L9000 single axle with 300 Cummins and 9 Speed. Ancient Ford L9000 gas job tractor with one of the first big trailers my grandpa owned. Trailer number 509 was a 45' Highway Ram.
Units 114 and 106 Units 117 and 113. 113 was one of a group of 3 GMC Brigadiers that were purchased 1984-85. Two had Cummins power and the other was a detroit. Units 113, 115, 116. Unit 113 was the last Brigadier in our fleet. Purchased from the Toronto Truck Center. Unit 101, was my Uncle Wayne's 1978 Peterbilt 359. Unfortunately he traded it on a 1988 379 before I was old enough to know any better.
Procter's Cartage new 2003 Peterbilt 357.
This truck is powered by a Cummins ISM rated @ 340hp with Eaton 10 speed transmission.

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