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Most of these Sicard truck pictures all came from Doug McKenzie, Rene Buron and Donovan Burtnik

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Sicard municipal street washer. Metropolitan Toronto Works Department, taken during the summer of 1974. Sicard tractor hauling for Quinn Truck Lines, now defunct. Original photographer was Martin D. Phippard of Warminster, Wilts, England. Sicard truck taken on Prince Edward Island by T. Brad Dunkin of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Note that the truck has a Dodge cab.
Sicard tractor with tanker trailer was taken in Toronto, Ontario on June 22, 1986. Here is a picture of a Sicard KW Dart that was driven by a friend and neighbor when he lived in the Yukon. Here is a Sicard pulling for Liquid Cargo Lines of Mississauga, Ontario.
This is a one of a kind 1963 Sucard with a 1959 GMC 630 front end. It is powered by a 250 Cummins, 296 10 speed Fuller and was owned by Fuller Transport from Halifax, NS. They hauled between Halifax and Montreal. Sicard trucks were made in Montreal and were eventually taken over by Kenworth. T. Brad Dunkin Collection.

These Sicard pictures and spec sheets come from the collection of Rene Buron
Sicard B Series single axle tractor, St-Gerard, QC, summer 2002
This truck was operated by a small landscape and aggregate contractor.
Sicard T Series two axle tractors line-up, Montreal, QC, summer 1969
These trucks were owned by Miron, a major Montreal concrete and aggregate contractor.
Sicard Model A-6430 Diesel Powered Truck Spec Sheet
Sicard Model A-6416 Diesel Powered Tractor Spec Sheet
Sicard Model B-6450 Diesel Powered Truck Spec Sheet
Sicard Model T-6456 Diesel Powered Tractor Spec Sheet
This is a Sicard truck fitted with water tank and flushing implements operated by J.P. Landry, a general contractor. Picture taken in Lapocatière, Quebec, August 2008. Robert Lafrenière Collection
This picture was taken by Doug Grieve on august 14th 1981, Notre-Dame street, City of Montreal. Doug points out in his letter accompanying this picture that all three trucks show sequential unit identification numbers: 18325, 18324 & 18323. The semi mixer trailers also have sequential unit identification numbers. The purpose for arranging these trucks together in this way is unclear: coincidence or planned? Sicard no longuer produced or sold these obviously dated models in 1981. The Sicard St-Thérese plant near Montreal had been taken over by Kenworth in the early seventies. Miron Limited, following the closure of its quarry in central east Montreal, downsized and re-located under foreign ownership near the port of Montreal, on Notre-Dame street. The company continued to exist for a brief period in this new location. Could these trucks have been posing for a promotional shot? This picture could have possibly been taken for a company add or annual report. Whatever the case, this picture is a very nice depiction of what appears to be Sicard B series trucks, as tandem tractors. Note the vents found along the vertical side of the wide point of the engine housing, just before the cab doors. This picture shows additional interesting features. The Miron logo can be noticed along the side of the first unit’s mixer trailer. During the sixties and seventies, these trailers usually had the company name appearing in metal silver lettering, not the company logo. The truck identification number on the cab doors appear above the company logos. This is contrary to the standard practice of placing the truck identification number below the company logo on vehicle cab doors. We can also see the CBC building in the background. This picture is included here with the kind permission of Doug Grieve.
This is a Sicard snow blower spotted on Iles d’Orléan, Quebec, May 2008. Robert Lafrenière Collection This is the same Sicard snow blower shot at a different angle. This machine is a Sicard Junior "Snowmaster" model. Sicard produced many snow blower models and the company became famous with its snow blower line. Arthur Sicard, the founder of Sicard Industries, invented the snow blower in 1925 in Montreal, Quebec. Arthur Sicard died in 1946 but Sicard Industries went on to produce a variety of truck models as well as its famed snow blower machines.

The Canadian Postal Service even has a commemorative stamp of Arthur Sicard’s first rotary snow blower machine marketed in 1927. One can come across Quebec produced Sicard snow removal equipment but such sightings have become increasingly rare. The Sicard corporate name still exist today as part of SSI-Group, Inc and SMI-Snowblast, Inc under american ownerhip. The Jr Snowmaster we see here was spotted on Iles d’Orléan, Quebec, May 2008.

This truck was a B.P.Oil truck with a 318 Detroit & a 913 road ranger transmmision. About a month after these pictures were taken the complete drive train was transfered into a 1972 International Paystar dump truck. Note that it has no front brakes, probably a legal problem child for today. I'm the the one with the small shetland collie on the hood and the guy with one hand missing is my older brother. Donovan Burtnik Collection
T-6400 Series,Montreal,early sixties A-6000 Serie truck A-6000 under the hood
A-6000 inside cab    

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