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This Dina Flexible bus was wrecked at Gueretado. The picture was taken in Barrientos Estado de Mexico in 1976. I drive this Freightliner. It's a Torton, a type of truck too typical in Mexico. The engine it's a Cummins 350 Big Cam and the transmission its a Fuller 16 speeds. We are now painting it black. The picture was taken in Leon Guanajuato in February 2004. This shows me fixing a Frueauf trailer out of my old house.
KENWORTH KENMEX from my friend. The picture was taken in La Central De Abastos Mexico D.F... The engine is a 335 Cummins, the transmission is and Eaton 10 speed. 1999 Volvo. The engine is a N14 with transmission 15 speed. It was taken in Toluca Estado De Mexico at 2001 This truck is a Peņamotor, a Mexican truck built in Monterrey in 1985. The engine it's a 350 Big Cam. The transmission is a Fuller 14 speed. The picture was taken in Guadalajara Jalisco in 1999.
This truck is the dumper truck that I drove at Mexico D.F.. It is a Ford F-600 model 79 (my birth year). It has a Perkins engine Phase 2 and the transmission is a five and dual. This is the most popular truck in Mexico anywere you go. Could be the most popular in a small town or the D.F.. (The world's bigger city). You will always see a dumptruck
A Famsa model built in Mexico. It obviously looks like an International and it is in too much aspects is a dumptruck. The engine is a Perkins Phase Cuatro. The transmission is a Five and Dual. The picture was taken at Ciudad Labor Estado de Mexico This white coe is from my friend, Jose. He had the truck in 2002. The engine is a Detroit 871 the transmission is a 9 speed. This it's me beside an Army Mack R Model in 1998. I was 19.
This model is the Mad Max truck replica with a Mack R Model 1/32 scale Peterbilt road train. I built the trailers with 100% metal.

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