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Kenworth 850 brochure.
Here is a photo of an Kenworth 850 that was taken at the Obed Mountain mine near Hinton, Alberta during the summer of 2000.
Kenworth C540 brochure.
Kenworth LW900 pamphlet, sent to Scott from Canadian Kenworth around 1987.
Autocar twinsteer hauling for Eveready, taken during the summer of 2001 by Scott's Dad, at Fletcher Challenge Canada's pulp mill in Mackenzie, BC. It is believed that the truck hauls Sulfuric Acid, which FCC was using to clean their power boilers. Peterbilt wrecker called 'The Draggin' Master', photographed at the 1992 truck drags at North Central Raceway Park. An old Federal tractor at Fort Steele, near Cranbrook, BC, photographed in 1997.
Here is a photo of an April 1981 Pacific P510P Gravel truck. Taken in Prince George, BC, during June 2002. This particular truck is also in Clint Campbell's Collection.
A D Barlow Transportation Kenworth K100 COE, June 2002. International and Diamond T Logging Truck, June 2002. A Western Star gravel truck, June 2002
A Cat powered Kenworth W900 hauling a lowbed for Vanex. Photographed in Prince George, BC, date unknown. A Kenworth C842-S12 gravel truck I believe that the S12 designation means that the truck has a 12" deep section frame under the cab, photographed May 13, 2003. The truck was hauling gravel from a mall demolition/parking lot refurbishment site to a small gravel pit at the South end of Prince George, BC.

1964 Pacific SRDD-D, SN T6455-228, the rear ends are 55,000lb, has a Cummins NH250 in it with a 9spd (originally a 5 spd) trans and 4spd aux. The truck ran with T&H Sawmills out of Kaslo, B.C. as a logging truck. It was found earlier this year running a hydraulic log splitter. I am planning a full restoration of the truck, back to original colors, and if I can find it, Pacific logging gear.
Here are some more pictures submitted to the web site from Scott through Hank Rabe

Here are a few photographs of my Pacific when it was new along with a 1963 Pacific, both trucks were owned by T&H Sawmills of Kaslo, BC. I do not know who took the photographs and I am not sure exactly where they came from, I believe the photos were form the museum in Kaslo, but that is just a guess.
Judging by the plates, this photo was taken in 1964, this is Pacific S/N T6455-228, my truck when it was new.
T&H Sawmills' 1963 Pacific and 20 Ton Pacific Trailer
1964 Pacific T6455-228 (left) and 1963 Pacific (right) - judging by the license plates the photo was taken in 1964
T&H Sawmill's 1963 Pacific, photo taken in 1963, again judging by the license plates

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