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Krystal passed away at 03:00 Tuesday November 7, 2006 (Australian Time)
This collection will be in remembrance of Krystal and her love for trucks

11/27/1951 - 11/07/2006

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Kenworth K100 Unit 147 belonging to Booth Transport of Lonsdale Adelaide South Australia this rig is only 15,000 klms old and that has all been done on metropolitan roads it is Cat powered with 15 speed Eaton transmission and sit entirely on air suspension. It is waiting to lead of the cavalcade down the Southern Expressway a new one way road reversible road syste.

Anthony Shiel

09/10/1960 -- 25/02/03

A top bloke and a gun operator

The late Anthony Shiel polishing his pride and joy.

May the memory of him live on in his family, friends and workmates

Mercedes Benz B Double car carrier. Krystal drove this and the Kenworth SAR.
Photo courtesy of Krystal G.
Kenworth SAR which hauls fish from Port Lincoln wharves to the Port Lincoln cannery. Port Lincoln is about 750 kms. from Adelaide, Australia. Photo courtesy of Krystal G. Another view of the Kenworth, SAR. Photo courtesy of Krystal G.
TK Bedford rounding the Devil's Elbow on the old Mt. Barker Road. This corner had a reputation for being a roll over corner as it almost turned back on itself to get round and if you took it at just 2kph above the 10kph speed you could end up on your side or if your rig wasn't loaded right the same thing. This truck belonged to Coca Cola of Adelaide and is on the down track heading back to the city, the Elbow has been done away with now and from where this photo was taken from I would now get run down by traffic heading down the new road thru the new Heysen Tunnel ( pronounced Hisen ) it has cut out about 5kms of slow winding road.
An old Australian White Road Boss. Photo courtesy of Tony Brown. An Iveco 6500 flat roof tanker for Scott's Transport. Photo courtesy of Tony Brown. An Iveco 7500 high roof for Northern Territory Freight Service. Photo courtesy of Tony Brown.
This Ford Aeromax with a B Double tanker for Booth Transport is a major wine transporter in South Australia. The tanker is being cleaned after delivering Coolabah wine and before picking up a a high grade export wine.
The carrying capacities are:
     A-unit holds 13,000 liters
     B-unit holds 25,000 liters
     for a total of 38,000 liters of wine.
Photo courtesy of Krystal G.
Ford Aeromax B-Double standing in the yard of Booth Transport, Lonsdale South Australia posing for this photo after being cleaned out. Booth Transport operate a variety of prime movers range form Fords through to Kenworths and Macks plus the odd International and their trucks run from Adelaide to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and return doing mainly general freight on those runs they also cart for the wine industry.
This C/O Kenworth is a K100G with B double curtain-sided trailers.
Photo courtesy of Krystal G.
Here is a copy of the allowable lengths of some of the Australian doubles and road train. Click on the image to get a larger picture with the US measurements too.
Picture courtesy of Krystal G.
Kenworth T600 Model, which may belong to the Northern Territory Freight Services and the picture was taken at Three Ways Roadhouse near Katherine in the Northern Territory by a friend of Krystal's.
Photo by Tony Brown
Mack model R tipper, taken along a local suburban street in outer metropolitan Adelaide.
Photo by Tony Brown.
Hino (Toyota) 6 cylinder turbo rigid pantec ( straight van in the U.S. ) that belonged to Ranger Truck Rentals Australia. It was used as part of a fleet of 4 trucks in 1988-89 for the 15th Australian Scout Jamboree to deliver food to the scouts who were in camp at a place called Woodhouse, Sterling in the Adelaide Hills about 10 kilometers East of Adelaide.
Picture courtesy of Krystal G.
This is a picture of the interior of a Kenworth T604 they call the "Technology Truck" it has an array of digital features including driver alert, proximity alarm, and a alarm that alerts the driver to when he is getting to close to the edge of the road. These pictures are from a magazine article about this truck that was called, "Truck of the Future."

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