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Cec's son Rick has written up the history of Turner's Transport here. The pdf file is available here.
Cec Turner's Trucking Company - Turner's Transport. 1941 - 1974 Edna and Cec Turner - 1932 Model A Roadster Cecil Turner - Chauffer License photo
Jamman Pacific Freight By Rail Late 1930's
1934/35 Chevrolet
Driver Cec Turner
Victoria Park, Calgary AB
Wilson Freightways late 1930's
1930 Leyland
Driver Cec Turner
Victoria Park, Calgary AB
Canadian Freightways early 1940's
1936/37 Ford
Driver Cec Turner
Victoria Park , Calgary AB

Turner's Transport 1943 K8 International - Notice the AMTA membership plaque on the van Turner's Transport Delburne AB 1943 - Edna, Cec and Donna Turner Turner's Transport Replica - 1946 replica built by Les Courville Three Hills
Turner's Transport April 1946 - New 1946 Ford truck and van. Notice the tire chains hanging on the front bumper. Turner's Transport April 1946
New 1946 Ford and van.
Cec Turner and daughter Donna
Rear View New Van 1946 - Nice emblem on the back doors, notice the tailgate is built into the van

Rollover - May 23 1946 near Delburne

Rollover - undercarriage
Rollover - Sideview Rollover - Right side up. Bysterveld Towing from Delburne
Rollover - Ready to tow Rollover - Pull to town Rollover - Typical tow truck of the era

United Freight Lines - Pencils to be given to customers or used by drivers
United Freightlines - Internal memo for health care. AJ Turner was Cec Turner's father United Freightlines - Page 2 of memo The Albertan Newspaper Clipping
United Freight Lines Feb 1948 - 1939/40 Fargo Accident near Three Hills United Freight Lines - van on its side United Freight Lines - The van broke away from the truck..... no one was injured! February 1948
United Freight Lines - 1939/40 Fargo. Checking it out United Freight Lines - the work begins United Freight Lines - the truck looks ok
Turner Cartage Trochu 1949 - Back row: Ned Schmaltz, Matt Hanna, Al Gibson | Front row : Cec Turner Turner Cartage Trochu AB June 1949 - Cec Turner, Irene and Ned Schmaltz Big Load
1947 to 1953 Chevrolet and a 1941 to 1946 Chevrolet
Drivers: Cec Turner, Ned Schmaltz and Don Patton
Picture taken in Three Hills in the alley behind Turner's house and Helton's Sash and Door.
Ned Don and Cec - Picture taken in Three Hills behind Turner's house notice Helton's in the background Turner's Transport Drivers - Drivers: Don Patton, Cec Turner and Ned Schmaltz Pine Lake Alberta Turner's Transport Three Hills 1952
Left to right: Bill/Joyce Trentham, unknown, Glen Maerz, Lefty Gutteridge, Edna Turner, Al /Lela Gibson, Bert Lee, Cec Turner
Picture taken in front of A.V.Lee Blacksmith.
Turner's Transport - Picture taken in Three Hills 1952 near AV Lee Blacksmith Shop. Turner's 47 53 Chevs Turner's - Ned at Turner's house in Three Hills behind Helton's and Howe's. Load on the roof was probably bread
Turner's - Rick ,Cec and Ned Turner's - 2 ton Turner's Transfering freight from one truck to another. Notice the tailgate is bent, either due to heavy cargo or backing into a dock to hard.
Turner's - Infront of Turner's house across from the firehall in Three Hills. 3 Ton Turner's - Cec Turner in Three Hills in the backyard behind Helton's Sash and Door and HT Howe. Turner's - Typical tailgate of the era
Turner's - May 1950, Rick 2 years old. Turner's - August 1952 new truck and van. Van built by Les Courville Turner's - August 1952 Glen and Inez Maerz
Three Hills Parade July 1956 - Rick Turner Turner's - Post 1968 Thee Hills backyard Turner's - 1960? Chev truck and 1971 Chev Impala. Backyard in Three Hills
Note: front van had a canvas top, could hall more freight because it was lighter. Also the vans were heated by propane in the winter. See the tank on the back of the first van
Turner's - 1973 International Loadstars
Cec Turner, Merle Umbach, Bill Trentham, Rick Turner
Picture taken in Three Hills by Merle`s house.
Customer Appreciation Gift Customer Appreciation Gift
Percy - Typical customer appreciation gift Badge for Drivers Cap Typical Local Newspaper insert - Three Hills Capital insert

Turner's Transport Statement 1970's Turner Transport Statement 1940's - AJ Turner was Cec Turner`s Dad 1941 Chauffer's License
Various years Chauffer License pictures - Each year drivers had to update their license. Each license had to have a picture attached.
Chauffer Badges 1926 to 1956 1950 Alberta Shipping Guide Ad
Headstone in Three Hills Cemetery
- The head stone was designed by Rick Turner (son). A comment about the headstone was included in a book by Nancy Millar ``Remember Me As You Pass By``.

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