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Here is a picture of my brother's heavy hauler ( Spuncuff PTY McNaes Heavy Haulage ) on a good pull up a grade to a mine we work in, shown hauling our D11 into a local stone mine, coupled in a pair to cope with the grades, the front truck is a Mack R797RS with a 350 four value with an added 7 tonne traction block making the 86 tonne dozer less of a problem. The second is Mack R797RSX 500 HP hauling a Cometto 7 row modual.
C A T S   I N   T H E   M I S T
This is my everyday work place. I think some of the places and jobs these machines do, have an appeal. This is a repowered Cat model 245 and Cat 773B trucks removing overburdon in a stone mine, Southern Qld. The digger has been repowered witha 3408ta after falures of the 6 cylinder stock power plant..very sucessful job boasting HP from 325 to 450, which makes a reasonable performer.
Another view of the low boy working on that grade, 6000 odd tonne a day comes down this ramp from the stone mine in rear dumps, the trees lining the road way are hard wood gum trees that cover this country. The pick up is a local production Ford Falcon all aussie "ute" belonging to one of the staff in the mining operation.
The dozer and Le tourneau pull pan is powered by a 1953 made Cat 3T D7 frame # 17122, fitted with a Cat model 25 double drum power control unit (puc) to control the scraper pan of the matching 3.5 tonne ripper. Also it has a Cat model 21 single drum front mounted p.u.c to control the dozer blade. Totally restored by me over two years I have done a number of earthmoving jobs with the machine including a number of motion pictures. The scaper pan is a Le tourneau Model M made in 1944 as part of a US CB order and shipped to northern Austraila hauled by a 7G D7 helping construct forward airbases in the Darwin aera, Sold at auction to a contractor in the south of Queensland in 1947 worked behind that same D7 till 1974 the sold to a farmer that dug out one earth dam then parked in by the road side where I found it and recovered the unit adding to my tractor to form this neat working pair.
This cute little very yellow little fellow is a 1927 Cat Model 22 pulling a locally made Britstad tubbling pan with "yours truly" the dozerman posing on the drawbar, restored my me in 1999 is featured at farming and machine shows, Iam the second owner of this old cat coming from a background in dam construction in the St George farming area of central Queensland in use till 1953
This old AEC Mandator belongs to Ian fordyce how restored the unit after recovering it from a local bulldozing contractor that hauled his D6 crawler about with it. From new this AEC was sold to the Sydney city as a street flusher thus had a long frame since shorted to make a tractor unit. The cabin is a wooden frame sheeted with steel, tropical fold out windows and a six cylinder Leyland 9 litre diesel engine followed up with a five speed transmisson and tall ratio worm wheel rears providing a road speed of a blistering 45 MPH. The load is a 1913 gas Albian gifted to Australia from the effort provided in the first world war having worked hauling war supplies in france. Once in Australia it hauled tanks about Brisbane till restored by the late Allester Grand then added to the Fordyce collection by his wife Hasel. The little yellow fellow on the rear is Part of my families collection, a Cat model 15 recovered just in time froma scrap bin in north Queensland before being shipped out to be melted down, this whole outfit is travelling at slow speed to a show seven hours drive (AEC time) away.
Two views of the V8 value liner hard at work hauling a Cat 785 rear dump in central Queensland on the Cometto low boy, the RSX tractor uses the Renault sourced hub reduction rears helping the truck reach a 200 tonne plus gross train mass. This huge dozer is a Fiat - Allis model HD 41B being moved on a large farming operation, thess big fellow dig out water storage dams and clear trees for grass land farming.
This top shot shows the layout of the Hay point coal loading south of Mackay, then coal mining contractor. Tony Champions first Cat 657B scraper restored and on display out side the Copabella shops, this is one extra classy job and very well presented. This hauler trailer is used on the mine sites to relocate heavy machines on the huge excavations exposing the massive coal reserves, being hauled by a Cat model 776C truck will handel most of the Cat made machines of the day.

Thes models where made by me for customers, the first being a Mack Magnum tractor pulling a loaclly speced B double trailer set, in 1/25th scale this one is over four foot long. The Ford rear dump once again is in 1/25 scale is a close copy of the real truck working out of stone mines, powered with a V6 92T Detriot diesel compres well to the photo in the background. lastly a custom made Renault Manager curtainsider.
Some 1/50 scale model made for Thiess contractors

Some heavy haulers in the out back of Queensland delivering Cat 789 rear dumps, working for the now closed Brambles heavy haulage divison, the second shoot show a Aussie Mack Titan tractor belonging to Brambles as part of the convoy then a contractor, Mr Tony Collins, with 500 Hp Cummins powered Western Star tractor pulling a well loaded company trailer set up, this will be a two rows of eight jeep and four rows low boy. A very well mantianed and operated unit Tony's trucks are aways well presented.
International Model M and Model KBS6 truck belong to Mr A McNae of Beenleigh, since this picture the KBS6 has had a matching flat top tray fitted and hauls the wheel tractor to shows in southern Qld. A member of the Historical truck club Mr McNae has a complete collection of International products.
Once again Paul McNae V8 valueliner "Up the bush" with more 789's and a rear view of the Brambles Titan tractor hauling a brand new Cat D11 dozer into a Queensland coal mine. These haul trucks can be loaded by reversing the trailer into a prepared hole so as the hauler backs on the rear wheels clear the ground and thus are supported by the trailer floor, the park brake is set and you drive the truck out of the hole lowering the front wheels on to the trailers floor thus presenting a lower porfile for transport.
This Blue Mack Superliner 1 belongs to Contrator Mr Don Mearns as does the load a Cat model D10 84W crawler being lead by a Nissan pick up escort vehicle comes of a farm having completed the project. Notice the yellow double deck live stock trailer standing in the background awaiting the rest of its road train.
This is how the McNae Family goes to the show, its about all Paul could cram on the Allison made low boy and drag off with his Series 2 Super liner Mack, this truck uses the Renault sourced hub reduction super duty rears a 12 speed Mack transmisson backed up witha air shift Spicer over , direct ,two under brownie/ Joey box, The trailer features hyd suspension and widerning systems also uses a two row jeep / dolly. The Mixed load contains the Red farmall M Arthur MaNae, Cat 22 Ray McNae, Cat 15 Arthur, John Deere Model D Steve McNae and Cat D2 Arthurs again.. Dads got a good share here at the Allora field days.. one of the best days out for old tractors in the south of Queenland.
Paul McNaes Mack R797 RS four value Maxidyne tractor hitched to a Brentwood low boy loading a B/E 88 11 drag line wit the help of a Cat 48A D7E in our holding yard Yatala south east Queensland. This R 700 was the very last to made made in Aussie as the next one of the line was the first Superliner. If you look closely in other shots you will see this tractor now dressed with a Superliner 1 hood. You can spot Steve McNae with is son Brent watching the peformance while Barry Elwood walks the iron pulling on the chain.
The Diamonds of Jarow was filmed in southern Queensland with the help of some of The McNaes old Cats seen in the opening frames. Steve's old Diesel 35 and LET cable dozer works in the back ground. Arthur's cute D2 ends the shot and Ray's D7 3t work in centre frame and again in a native challanges dozer event, Billy Zane stands up to the D7 and defends the Diesel Seven. CUT!!!
The Ferret taking five on the Dozer in uniform and the Gimmes owner Paul Nayler compares notes with John betwwen action calls. If you notice the colour of the sky and the sea, add the clean white sand ..then we got paid to be there.
Paul Naylers GMC 6 by six wades in the sand with extras pulling on the Levers. For anyone whos read copies of Australia's Trucking life Magazine will know the Ferrets"Ferreting to tell" piece these close shots on set show My old D7 worked in a WW2 picture doing the beach over run deal on Bribie Island all dressed up in Kakie green for the month.
Pictured at the Allora field days this young lady had frim control over this model 22 Cat having completed a round of the show ring returns to the machines parking area
Sold in the oil industry this B 81 RSX Mack worked the roughneck duties with a 210 inch frame till sold to a Bulldozer contractor based at Muckadilla Qld. The frame was cut down to what you see here to tow a low boy, a turbo change out demanded the rerouted air breather ducting but a sunk liner pulled it up where it was stripped and not repaired. The Mack rested a good number of years at its home base till bought and hauled into Brisbane and added to a Local idenitiy`s growing collection. Currently under restoration, the liner fault has been repaired thus the big old Cummins runs fine again.
Seen rolling of the Fulton Hogan's Blue Rock pit wieght bridge Instant water and soil`s S.A.R Kenworth got to run solo this day leaving the pull trailer behind. The rake of the hood is shown well here is created when the cabin is lifted and moved forward, the batterys are below the drivers door allowing more diesel fuel to be carried on the short frame rails. An answer to the length laws of the times(1970/80's) the Short Right hand drive Aust SAR became an icon so that today 20 years after their creation more of this tall conventional are at work than Kenworth made with many wrecked Kenworth's being repaired as SAR. Also worthy of note over 70 % of all Kenworth in Australia are over 10 years old and the SAR is the only truck reinstated to the product line by customer pressure after the need for the short BBC no longer applied. Nation wide dealers got confirmed orders for 200 after the lines where closed so it was reborn and remains a high valued unit. Instants Wisard Logo is featured on their growing and well presented fleet and on the custom lisence plates, this old fella uses a 855 400hp Cummins to get the business done and mostly pulls a two or three axle dump trailer.
Ray Opperman is checking the loading of the "Western Warriors" dog trailer having added the Pug mill mixed gravel to the tractor, the back ground has the crushing plant reducing blasted stone into construction products. The towering tank contains cement dust some times mixed in to compliment the gravel being hauled. Having operated dumpers for many years Rays pride in his Cat C12 powered Western star shows in its neat appearance, of interest is the splash limiting screens materail hanging on the dump boxes and the retracting load covers shown here on the truck in traveling position and folded away while loading the crushed rock road base to the alloy dump box. This unit type is known locally as Body and Dog and makes up the bulk of the fleet due to the pay load, stable tipping and flexiblity in split product types being hauled. When a delivery is made the trailer is tipped out first then reversed around the truck till it is backwards beside the cabin then the trucks load is dumped over the pull frame/ draw bar. The skill and speed displayed in this manuver by Ray and the many other seasoned operators is great to watch single unit or in mass at a big tip site wioth dump boxes rising and dropping as the trailers are turned inside out and draw out agian. Most of these guys can haul around 27 to 33 tonne payloads with three and the more common four axle "dogs" in the booming construction industry in and around southern Brisbane Queensland.
The first truck made when IHC was formed in 1961 just about restored. This is Ray's Binder.
Brian Crograin's of Toowoomba fine unrestored engish Commer CB tractor shown conected to a WW2 Mcgrath round nose semi loaded a `34 Chev 30 wieght pick up. Interesting power unit rests in the Commer being the Roote Group made two stroke diesel which is a one of a kind. This engine has three bores and six pistons in liners mounted in the top of the block connected to the lower fitted crank by huge rockers on each side. Boosted with a rootes blower/ super charger these engine create quite a Detroit like roar but provide a compact and fuel cheap engine.
A sharp Red Reo out at the show owned by Jimboomba based earth moving contractor Rod Toy was sold new to his father who ran return 950 mile trips to southern centre Sydney when it was powered by the Gold Comet gas engine. Now repowered with an Engish made Perkins 6.354 120 HP diesel Ron pulls his side loaded low boy also a single axle affiar.
Local truck dealer idenity found this cherry White tractor in the island state of Tasmiania with 14000 miles on the clock but less its two axle low boy. This tractor drives as good as it looks with the factory gas engine and 5 by 4 transmissons and take a look at the fifth wheel mount rails. The extra running lights mounted on the roof line where reqiuired when this White was delivered to mark out the tractor's width, note the plates still bolts on the front bumper show the operating area and taxed number for road use along with the Heritage truck Clubs sharp badge.
The same dealer found this extra clean International Loadstar F1800 and roll off bed needing a good home so added to his collection. Minor repairs had the exhaust muffler replaced and the 345 gas engine running great, the trucks history goes back to US forces operating in Austraila importing the truck for their use then sold to the farmer who keep it such great condition hauling hay and stock with the addition of a side on crate.
Western traders found this heavy duty Mack RM six by six in western Queensland and restored it for use and resale in their Gatton based shops. Bulldog power train starts with a 237 Maxidyne and six speed, frame mounted recovery winch and Budd wheels, quite rare down under with Dayton being the normal option. Mack trucks Australia delivered this brand new Titan road train tractor seen standing beside a steel fronted R model. The triaxle drive is suited to the heavy going of live stock and the high mass of mine ore haulage, powered with a C16 Cat diesel 18 speed and intergrated sleeper also has air cooled head lights. The old R series is a classic for long distance work down under powered with a 237 maxidyne and 18 speed Quad two stick transmisson and 44k rears the Kato made sleeper closes the 30 year gap between these two Macks.
This is something youll only see down under, Neile's Cat 972G is buzy filling up the bins on a B double rear dumper with concrete materials, once again at Fulton Hogans Cedar creek stone mine. The Western Star F series has the popular DDA series 60 jammed in under the short hood and partly living under the wide cabin, riding on all air suspension this unique semi trailer pair can be reversed with the longer coupling point to allow the front box to be tipped out and fall through the rails of the jack knifed second unit. With the split products, fast empty and return these set ups are being comissoned as fast as they can be produced by Austrailan makers. These are frame type dumps where as ten years ago single semi trailers where most commonly of the frame less type when hauling screened rock, although personally I used a frame less alloy top bogie axle trailer in general hire work for a good number of years hauling what ever dropped in the top with great results.
Poor old International ACCO 2152 B has a rear mounted crane that over balanced the truck while handling parts to reassemble one of the large dozers on the team. The soft red dust over lay hasn't helped but in true bush style a pull from a Allison Triaxle trailer and Mack superliner connected with a Hi ten chain will land things back on a operational level in a short order. This site is many miles from the world on a grass farm in central Queensland so you just have to make do with what you have at hand, not visible in the photo is the 120 degree temp for the day
This neat little Frieghtliner out of the Coke bottling plant route 443 Lehighton PA is unloading at the drug store in down town Tomaqua PA. The Cummnis diesel is shut down and I couldn't find the driver to talk to but looking in the window it has a 9 speed Road ranger and air suspention out back. And the date is wrong so best I update my camera, still its a sharp little unit
Nice International Fleetstar and flat top body with a 392 gas engine and 10 speed trannie standing with a tired retired Autocar wrecker right over the road from the unloading Frieghtliner. The A car has a 855 cu Cummins and a twin stick trannie with a 650 holmes body, both belong to US tow in Tomaqua PA.

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