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Hayes Tag

To show the world – at least around the northern part of Copenhagen - that I am fond of the Canadian Hayes trucks, I made and mounted this tag on my little scooter and decorated the front like our real H 17 .

Peter has built these trucks from pictures and measurements taken by himself and friends. Peter told me that the Hayes HDX that he built has wind down windows, working wipers and windshield washers. Peter has also done some other things that I don't remember, but what an awesome looking truck.

Hayes HDX Modeled After Steve Drybrough's H-17

After I finished my  wrecker – Peterbilt 359 – I was looking for another exiting  truck to copy . In a Swedish  truck magazine I found  an  artikel about a logging truck and its driver Steve Drybrough . That was in 1992. In the following years I made the frame, the front bumper, all  hubs and rims, most of the cab  with hinged doors and working windshield wipers  and other items. Around 2005  I established an e-mail contact to  Mr. Hayes himselve – Steve D.   I am very glad to have good friends like Steve Drybrough. Kim Loeb and Re-Pete Andersen – they provided me with fotos and tips about the glorious Hayes HDX, the H17. In  2007 my friend Re-Pete and  I visited the Mekka of logging trucks: Vancouver Island. We  had the pleasure to meet Steve D. and his friends, and we visited the Duncan truck show where we had the pleasure to meet Hank Suderman. Hank called us the “Danish invasion“. I promised  Hank to send him some fotos  of my  H17 as soon as I made more progress. This unforgettable visit on Vancouver Island made a big difference: I scraped the whole model project and started from zero, the only thing I used again was the frame. Why? Because I was so privileged to see, touch and take measures on the glorious H17, and with my deep respect for this national Canadian treasure I just want to make it as true as I can.

My model is made in the scale of 14,5 :1, it is built in aluminium and brass metal, the pre–loader system will be hydraulic operated,  it will have all authentic light systems and most functions will be real working. Eather radio controlled or manuel operated.The length  of my H 17 is 67 cm. long and the weight at this time is around 7,1 kg. The tires are made especially for me in Germany.

The only remaining thing is just to build the rest…!

Air Filters

The sun shade is visible here

Flashing lights on top of cabin

View from above and with lid front illumination.


Right side of 6 cyl. inline Diesel
with radiator

H 17 radiator Grill: Radiator shades are radio controlled. The shades of this new Radiator operate synchronously with the air flaps on sides of cabin

Left side of inline Diesel engine replica. To get the long, slim shape I mounted 3 smaller electric motors inside. This engine is powerful and working real fine.


After  consulting Steve and  Re-Pete (Peter Anderson) I built a new engine for my H 17, a Cat 3408, like it was in the H 17 from the beginning in 1975. There are 70 hand cut threads 1.4 ,1.6 and 2.0 mm in this replica. The electric engine is inside and the fan is working and the revolutions are depending of the speed of the tractor.

Front and Rear Axles

H17 Front

H17 Overview

The hydraulic unit comes in one piece: Electric motor, pump and oiltank. This unit takes to much space, so I had to split it into 2 sections. To save space I removed the pump motor ( same size as the main motor ). Instead the hydraulic pump is driven by the main engine – via a mechanic “switch” , like in reality . The hydraulic pump`s position wilI be placed directly behind the co-driver`s seat. I have to make another oiltank – to fit where there is space. This whole deal is kind of tricky , but tests have shown me that it can be done.  



The “retarder“ is a drop down gear with a ratio of 8:1. A suitable 2 step planetary gear I found in a scrapped air-screwdriver from Re-Pete. After rebuilding and making a housing it worked fine, but afterwards I had to install an extra ballbearing on the output shaft.
When you build something you discover that you have to make either additions or changes.
Like here, an additional ballbearing with housing, because the output shaft of this “retarder” was to short.


Each pack contains 32 pcs steel 0,5 mm thick, 10mm wide in various length.

Tire Clamps and Hubs

In each hub I drilled /cut  18 threads 1.6 mm and 8 threads 1,4 mm by hand. Like most of the other items it took me an awfull amount of time to make these Trilex hubs. To make the rims I had to make them of two parts, because my material wasn’t big enough. The two parts fit nicely and are glued together. The differential axles I had to extend by 25 mm on each side, that means the housing and the driveshafts inside as well. The tires have been specially made for me in Germany.

Clamps are bolted and keep the rim to the hub by 12 pcs 1,6 mm steel screws.

Water Tank
The water tank  will contain the battery, the 2 step hydraulic valve, servos and stuff.

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