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OK Transport Ltd.

OK Transportation is a fair size carrier in Ontario. The have approximately 250 tractors of that 75 owner/operator. The have been in business since 1918. It is family operation.

Here is a 1987 Western Star. The same driver since new. It is powered by Cat 13, double over, 24.5 rubber. Many miles on it can befound between Toronto and the New England states with two trips per week. Note the lettering is the old style. This picture was taken in Belleville, Ontario. Here is a 1995 International 9200, with Detroit, 10 speed trans, 11r22.5 rubber. It also ran between Toronto and New England two trips per week. Note the lettering is the old style. This picture was taken in Belleville, Ontario. This picture was taken in Mexico, NY. The tractor is 1998 International 9200 condo, 430 Detroit 13, speed double over. This truck travels Toronto to New England States.

This is a 1987 International cabover. The orignal owner was Olmstead Foods in Wheatly, Ontario. They took frozen fish from Wheatly, ON to Montreal, PQ. The truck was sold and ended up with Meyers Transport, an eastern Ontario carrier US division to New England and back. Last I heard the tractor ended up in Mexico. Here are pictures of the McCallum Transport in Coteau Landing, Quebec. This company in 1961 was owned by Lord Thomson of Fleet Street through Dominion Freightways. They were the largest car carriers in Canada at one time when Frank McCallum owned them. At one time between Parrie Auto Carriers and McCallum had company equipment and broker equipment from Manitoba to the Maritimes around 1960. It was split up McCallum ran Ontario to Quebec. That was their mainstay business. They hauled for the big three but their head office was in Oshawa, Ontario. After the auto pact come into play, they bought out Russell Transport, a smaller operation that went from Windsor, Ontario to the Ottawa Valley but they were being forced into expansion. But as a family operation with the principles close to retirement, Tom sold out to the Thompson operation. With the passage of time and ownership, they now are run as Allied Systems.

Maris Transport Ltd from Oakville, Ontario Auto Transit Ford with a load of Ford's
Stan Brown Car Transport from Oshawa, Ontario
The person shown here was a gentleman who later started a car hauling outfit. In later years he sold out to Frank McCallum. The truck in this picture was Smith Transport who started business in Oshawa Ontario. Years later they became the largest motor carrier in the British Empire. Not bad for a rags and bones dealers.

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