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16' 4" high, over 75 ft long, 128,400 lb gross 5 meters high, 24 meter long, 63,000 KG gross
Six miles of steep downgrade, 2 laneroad to Kiskatinaw River. Eight and nice percent grade down to Kiskatinaw River Eight axleB-Train taken north of Sault St Marie
Eight axle pulp hauler north of Sault St Marie Eight axle pulp hauler Nine axle on lo-boy heavy hauler north of Whitecourt, Alberta
Nine axle heavy hauler with triple screw tractor, taken north of Whitecourt, Alberta A frame truck taken at Fort St John, BC
An average bridge on the Alaska Highway Freight hauler with Anchorage mural taken at Smoky River, Alberta
The water is so deep that it's blue B-Train car hauler, note the two stinger steer trailers, taken north of Whitecourt, Alberta
B-Train car hauler B-Train oil tankers taken at Whitecourt, Alberta Bridge over Smoky River
Caribou crossing Canadian Freightways B-Train Canadian Freightways B-Train in traffic on the north side of Edmonton, Alberta
Climbing through the rock cut to the highest point on the Alaska Highway Closeup of the oversized pulp hauler Cut on descent to Kiskaatinaw River
Down into Toad River Valley. The speedlimit is 50 kmh about 30 mph Freightliner Argosy cable truck taken at Whitecourt, Alberta
First of freshly seal coated roads with flying gravel Following a B-Train of oil tanks down to lake level
Good piece of road for the Rockies Good road for the Alaska Highway Hicks Creek Project
Hybrid oil tankers with flat bed on top Just past where we met a 14 ft wide load KW pulling a jeep axle for double pulp hauler
Kiskarinaw River Valley
Kiskatinaw River Crossing Looking back to see the retaining wall supports Looking over the edge down to Muncho Lake
Majestic Valley -- and it is! Meeting a 14 ft oversize load on a narrow steep downgrade Moose bumper on a Peterbilt taken at Whitecourt, Alberta
Moose sign taken north of Whitecourt, Alberta Muncho Lake Owner/operator pulling a Canadian Freightways B-Train with a 45 ft rear trailer taken at Whitecourt, Alberta
Oil rig hauler, note the pickup for size comparison
Over the edge we were too scared to take pictures Over the top! Oversize pulp hauler taken along Highway 43 north of Whitecourt, Alberta
Pretty dirty, two broken windshields, but no problems Pull-off almost to the summit Rerouting the Glenn Highway to ease the grades
Western Star with a load of pulp wood Some of the road we traveled
Smoky River Gorge, 4 miles of 7 percent downgrade Smoky River Gorge
Starting the final descent to Kiskatinaw River The top is almost in sight but the guard rail is not Triple screw hauling a lo-boy taken north of Whitecourt, Alberta
Triple screw Pete ri-axle belly dump taken at Sasquatch Crossing Truck crane with 5th wheel to pull a trailer, taken at Fort St John, BC
Truck crane with flatbed Twin screw Pete with 550 Cat set wide open View of scenery from one of the pullouts
Railroad trestle between Edmonton and Whitecourt, Alberta

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