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Denver to Billings on Memorial Day 2014

I-25 nortbound, just so. of Casper. these are the Laramie Mtns. I-25 headed due north, about 30 miles north of Casper. This is what B.F.E. Looks like.  
    In the winter with heavy snow and 60 m.p.h. This is challenging.
    Announcing the tiny town of Kaycee, Wyo.
This is Kacee Looking west to the Bitterroot Mtns. About 40 mi. South of Buffalo, Wyo.  
  Your Tour Guide  
  Bitterroot Mountains The original old main drag before I-25 was built U. S. 87. It ran border to border. A lot of it is still in use.
  Buffalo, WYO. A beautiful little town.  
The rodeo grounds in Buffalo This is where I-25 ends Old U.S. 87 going off to Story, WYO., A town that looks the same as it did 100 years ago.
  Still headed north, Sheridan, Wyo. Is about 25 miles away. To me, this is one of the most gorgeous places in our country.
  Iā€™m supposed to depart Denver at 8 p.m., but on this run I sat down at the Denver Terminal until midnight, and that coupled with the sun starting to come up at 4 a.m. Is why I was able to take these pictures. I usually run this 578 miles almost entirely in the dark.
Coming into Sheridan, Wyo.   Sheridan, Wyo.
Scalehouse shared by both Wyo. and Montana   Old U.S. 87 which goes through Ranchester, Wyo., the last town of note before Montana.
  Montana is some b-i-g country!  
Sign says little Bighorn Battlefield 3 miles, trees on the ridge is the actual site. I have drove past here a 1,000 times and have never been to the Battlefield. There it is  
    On the ridge above Billings
Dropping off the ridge into town.   Ta da! Billings, MT.

Billings Run Returning to Colorado

Southbound on I-25 entering Colorado    
Budweiser plant, Ft. Collins   From 1-25 southbound, looking west to my beautful hometown; Loveland, Co.
  Pulling into my work domicile in Aurora, CO.  
The shop ahead My buddy Quentin. He is a ā€œ city man ā€œ who picks up and delivers freight in Denver. He knows Denver like the back of his hand. Quentin
Headed home on I-25 looking west   Turning off at Lovelands south exit CO. 402. Loveland sits about 5-6 miles west of I-25 on old U.S. 287.
  I am so blessed to live here! My wife and I both know how luckey we are. Loveland!
This is how close we are to the Rockies Headed west on 10th. St. The foothills are not far away.

Colorado Motor Carrier Award to the Highest Safe Mileage Carrier In Colorado, YRC Freight 890 (Denver). I am the last man on the left, most of our drivers could not attend as they were working.
My grandson Landon and me
The first Omaha orange. This was my Dad's Watson Bros. model.

My '65 Plymouth at Bakersfield, CA. Here it ran 9.74 E.T. and 137 m.p.h. in the quarter. It has a small block engine, no nitrous. This is part of what I do on my one day a week off time.

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