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International Paystar looks just-selled(have not licence-plate yet). Shot made in St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2000. Dutch DAF 3600 (from 90's) recovery, St. Petersburg, April 2001. Old IFA COE(Democratic rep. of Germany, 70's years), St. Petersburg, April 2001.
COE comp. is popular in Europe and Russia. St. Petersburg, April 2001. There are many International Eagles in Russia and St. Petersburg too. Apr.2001. The last Finnish SISU's own model. It was produced 2 years only(97-98).The cab was developed by Finnish designer Aaro Miettinen. St. Petersburg, June 2000.
Old czesh Tatra 805 from 50's- as truck-trial member. Prague' Motor show, Nov.2000. Old crane- also Czesh Praga V3S. Prague, nov.2000. Other crane-Tatra 815 low profile crane 6*6. Prague Nov. 2000.
New conventional Tatra Jamal - especially for Russian Siberia. Pr. Motor show, 2000. Newest Tatra 815. Pr. motor show, 2000. New Skoda (Czech too) Fox. Pr. motor show, 2000.
The new Daimler's Unimog U300 in Prague' motor show, 2000. Long-hood version SISU SL 170, St. Petersburg, March 2001. Long-haul tractor SISU-SR from 80s. St. Petersburg, March 2001.
Very rare truck- KONTIO-SISU from 60s. St. Petersburg, Jule 1999. Finnish SISU COE from 80s. St. Petersburg, Jule 1999. Daewoo bus from 70s, St. Petersburg 2000.
Half-conv. middle ZIL car recovery, March 2001, St. Petersburg. Military BAZ-135 from end of 60's had a strange wheel-scheme. St. Petersburg, February 2001. Soviet military monster- MAZ 543 "Hurricane".
Italian city-bus - BREDA in St. Petersburg, Apr.2001. Crane from 70's- German FAUN 10*6. Apr.2001. Another crane from 70's- Japaneze MITSUBISHI FUSO 12*6. St. Petersburg, Apr.2001.
RENAULT Midliner- the twin of MACK MS. St. Petersburg,2000. VOLVO F88. St. Petersburg, 2000. Old SCANIA 110 Super from late 60's. St. Petersburg, 1999.
VOLVO N10. RENAULT C used in construction industry(like Autocar).St. Petersburg,2000. Customized by owner in American style Russian KRAZ long-haul.
Long-hood ZIL-133 from 70's. St. Petersburg,Apr.2001. This is a Georgian KAZ agrocultural truck with cab-before-engine comp. St. Petersburg 2000. New ZIL meat delivery. Apr.2001.
International Loadstar in Los Angeles, Cal, Nov 1999. International Transtar 2 in Los Angeles, 1999. Freightliner FLC short- base tractor, Los Angeles, Nov.1999.
MACK CS a bakery delivery, St. Petersburg,Apr 2001. VOLVO-WHITE-GMC cabover now belongs to Estonian Baltitrucks Co. St. Petersburg, Apr.2001. Square-styled Tatra 815.
SISU forest truck. SISU

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