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Owned by the Town of Randolph, New Jersey until 2004, this 1987 FWD America model 6X4 was fitted with a Vac All sweeper and suction body. Also operated by Randolph NJ is this 1986 FWD, originally one of six trucks and now one of two remaining. The Ramapo New York Highway Department operated the largest fleet of FWD trucks in the USA for years and still does as of 2005. This early 1980's RB44 is one of 25 plus FWD trucks.
Still fully operational, this 1940's vintage FWD Sno-Go rotary plow owned by a contractor outside of Monroe, NY. Owned by the same contractor is this 1968 FWD Sno-Go rotary plow which was purchased in 2004 from the South Dakota Highway Department. Originally fitted with a dump body, the Bergen County New Jersey DPW purchased this FWD RB44 in 1983. The truck replaced a pair of Walter Snow Fighters from the 1960's and was traded in for an Oshkosh in 2004.
Another large Rockland County New York operator of FWD trucks is Orangetown Highway Department. This big 1987 RB44 was fitted with a Vac All suction body. Photographed at the base of the Wanaque NJ reservoir dam is the Passaic Valley Water Commissions 1987 FWD. Besides a snow plow, it is also fitted with a small rotary plow during the winter. This early 1980's FWD is one of many the Orangetown, New York fleet.
Hawthome NJ DPW operated this short wheelbase FWD up till about 2001. This 1970's FWD CA64 highway tractor still gets some occasional work from an Arkansas based railroad maintenance right of way contractor. These giant Oshkosh J series tractors formed the basis for the military model M911 heavy equipment transporter. They entered service around 1976 and most now have been disposed of. This example was still wearing a Gulf War paint job when photographed at a truck show in NJ in 2000.
Southbridge Massachusetts operates this immaculate P Series Oshkosh. It was photographed in 1998 at a New England Snow Fighters Club meet. Known in the U.S. Army as the M919 concrete mixer, these were made by Crane Carrier and later by AM General during the late 1970's. This 6x6 truck was photographed at a used truck dealer in Massachusetts in 2003. This trio of 1965 Crane Carrier DOM814 concrete trucks were owned by Texas based Standard Industries.
Houston Shell and Concrete operated this huge fleet of Crane Carrier DOM814 concrete trucks during the 1960's. Purchased new in the late 1950's by Joy and Sons Excavating of Paramus NJ, this Crane Carrier 1064 6X6 with Bucyms Erie rope shovel is still fully operational and in very good condition. Owned by Green Trucking of Amsterdam, New York is this 1970 Walter FDBS fitted with a Snow Go Rotary plow.
Teterboro Airport in New Jersey operates this 1983 Walter U model Snow Fighter with 28 foot runway plow and a center scraper blade. An unknown U.S. Government agency purchased this late 1940's Walter truck that was fitted with crew cab utility body. This 1950's Model AFB Walter Snow Fighter was equipped with a rear spreader body and large center scraper blade with winglets.
The U.S. Air Force took delivery of many Walter Snow Fighters just like this beginning in the 1940's. The large sand type tires enabled this 1950's Walter garbage truck to collect trash sandy New York beaches and during the winter plow snow as well. The large one-way plow on this U.S. Air Force Snow Fighter was designed to cast the snow off in both directions well.
One a many Walter Snow Fighters operated in Massachusetts, this 1950's example was used by the Boston Department of Parks. Hard at work in the 1950's this Walter Model ACVL 20 ton dump truck is being loaded by a large rope shovel. This 1950's Walter Model FZMS crane was owned by the Delaware State Highway Department.
Photographed near Worcester Massachusetts in 1998 this late 1960's Walter was equipped with a Sno-Go Rotary plow. The front loader fitted to this 1980's Mack MR tandem dump truck is a useful too! for snow removal and fall leave pick up. Similar trucks were seen in the science fiction film "Soylent Green" and were known as scoops. Canada's Toronto Transportation Company owned this Diamond T wrecker. The photo was taken on April 29, 1946.
The Bedford MK was one of the longest serving trucks in the British army. This example was photographed as it sat London, March 2005. Built in 1949, this huge Sterling chassis was the basis for an experimental off road dump truck. Apple Tree Service of Hackensack, NJ owns this Grove special chassis tandem axle crane.
This early 1970's Diamond Reo was photographed at an old Diamond Reo dealer near Newburgh, NY. Photographed in 2003, this Howe Coleman Ford Louisville snow plow was a trade in at Dunn International in Amsterdam, NY. This 1940's Mack E model is owned and incredibly still used by Peter Van Lou Moving and Storage of Fair Lawn, NJ.
Immaculately restored, this 1960's vintage M543 military wrecker is owned by a Rockaway, NJ based towing company. Joel Tanis and Sons Concrete in Fair Lawn, NJ operate this ex U.S. Army 1970's AM General M816 wrecker. Tanis operates an all Mack fleet thus the Mack bulldog hood ornament and Mack mirrors. The wrecker is seen here posed with one the many Mack DM mixers and is often called upon to retrieve them if they should get stuck during a pour on soft ground.

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