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Here are some pictures from my brothers trucks. They haul livestock and meat throughout Europe.

Here are some pictures from VanDijk. VanDijk has an egg grading station here in Holland
Magirus Deutz taken in the winter in Germany in the seventies. This picture was taken at their yard with 2 Mercedes Benz trucks,also in the seventies. Line up of VanDijk trucks
Here are a couple of pictures of one of the Scania trucks, with a few trailers on his tail,just made for the picture. Scania 113 with a six in line 380 hp engine
Scania 141 with a v8 engine with 375 hp some where in the seventies. Two Scania trucks 143 with v8 engines with 400 hp at their yard Scania 144 with a v8 engine with 460 hp
This is my brother Leo's truck. The truck is a DAF, with a full automatic 12 speed gear box,with 430 hp. DAF is a division of Paccar, the parent company from Kenworth and Peterbilt. The truck became ready in October 5, 2003, and the trailer was ready in March 1, 2003. Leo hauls slaughterhouse waste with from Germany to Holland with this rig.
This is a livestock combination from my brother Geert.Both the livestock bodies are build by himself and his father in law.The tractor is a 1995 Daf with a 330 hp engine.The trailer has low wheels,so that the cattle dont have to walk so steep.This trailer became ready last year.

Kamphof is a livestock transport company,based in Heino,Holland and specialized to haul cattle througout Europe.They have nice looking trucks.
A Kamphof combination is unloading breeder cattle into an airplane with destianation Egypt. This combination can load 45 cattle,the trailer has 2 tiers, a ventilation system and a water system to give the cattles water on a long trip. This trailer can load 43 cattle,has also 2 tiers, a ventilation system and a water system. The trailer has also 2 steering axles.
This combination are used for local runs, and can load 20 cattle. This truck are used mostly for local runs and it has also a ventilation and water system in case for long hauls. This truck can load 45 cattle, and it has also a ventilation and water system. The trailer is the same as on pic #2. Note all the lights on the tractor. I guess, the driver is afraid in the dark.
This is the same trailer as on pic#3, just with a new tractor. This the the same trailer as on pic#4, also with a new tractor This is an older picture from all their trucks, taken at their yard, in 2001

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