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Malcolm is selling some authorized Peterbilt merchandise.

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Malcolm sent some Australia landmark pictures.
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Here is a Leyland truck from Australia.
Here are some International Acco trucks from the 1970's, powered by the famous 903 cummins the trucks are of Australian design and made in Australia.
Here's a picture of a new Freightliner Argosy. This picture was taken by Malcolm Woodhouse.
Here's a picture of a Kenworth tow truck used by SMP.
Here are some pictures of Kenworth trucks from Australia. These pictures were taken by Malcolm Woodhouse.
The Kenworth T604 designed and built in Australia to deliver better cooling for bigger engines in our hot conditions.
These pictures were taken by Malcolm Woodhouse.
Are really sharp looking Kenworth T604 unit.

These next few pictures were taken at Alexandra, Victoria

Here are some pictures that Malcolm took at the Penrith Truck show in Sydney
Lennons Kenworth cabover A nice profile shot of a Kenworth cabover. Downunder Peterbilt.
Kenworth conventional "Big Banger" hauling for Highland Haulage.

Here are some pictures that Malcolm took in June 2002 at Alexandra

Malcolm visited the Castlemaine Truck Show put on by the Rotary Club during the weekend of November 23, 2002. Here are a few pictures from the show.

2004 Penrith Truck Show

This is my cousins truck Granny O'sullivan I think it's a T900 It has a 600 Cummins signature in it. He loves his Kenworths and has had four of them.
He is also a very good photogragher and has taken plenty of pictures of his time on the road

Truck Pictures Castlemaine Truck Show 2006

One for the kids to color

Shepparton Early Seventies
It wouldn't be fair to let people think everyone had Kenworths over here. In the early years they didn't. They drove mainly English trucks, and Internationals.

Then along came a little truck called the 1418 Mercedes. It was designed really for work around cities as a town truck a tray body truck or a small semi trailer. Well they were highways ahead of the rest when it came to reliability and comfort and safety. If you had a 1418 Mercedes you were well on your way to making a dollar. The mighty little truck could pull a 36 ft bogie or spread from Melbourne to Sydney over night and then came the tri-axle no problems. When you got home from a weeks driving you didn't have to rebuild it to go out next week just grease it check oils etc. They have a six cylinder diesel ,seperate cylinder heads just under 11 litre engine and around 200 horse power they went from 180 to around 235 horse power for the last of them a little 14 ton truck.

The model 1924 came later a bit bigger with 240 horse power. If you ended up with a Kenworth there was a good chance the mighty little 1418 helped you get there. The 1418's and 1924s came in a bonnet or cabover configuration.

If anyone from Shepparton would like to add pictures of trucks in our area they are welcome.

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