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Tri-State Motor Transit
In 1968 or '69, Michaelis and Heyns used conveyors to deliver a load of dynamite for Tri-State Motor Transit. The location is behind Grand Coulee Dam, WA where the water level has been lowered for a construction project. I don't know the exact model of these Freightliners. Tri-State had one driver who took a flight to Portland every week, and saddle-mounted three new Freightliners back to Joplin, MO. Michaelis had enough seniority to be assigned a new truck and run the West Coast out of our terminal, Seneca, IL.
This is a load of radioactive waste in a leadlined cask at Yankee Atomic Electric, Rowe, MA in 1968 or '69. Co-drivers Larry Heyns and Larry Michaelis had State Police escort across New York Thru-way to burial grounds at West Valley, NY.
This photo was taken at Gil Main's Truck Stop, Detroit, MI in 1969. The load on the extendable lowboy is a conveyor system for the paint booth at the Huffy Bicycle factory, Celina, Ohio. We had an overlength permit for 70 ft., and had to lay planks to avoid dragging bottom on a railroad crossing at the destination. Tri-State Motor Transit owned United States Aerospace Carriers (USAC) at that time.
This is another load of munitions in 1969. I was a Teamster team driver on company-owned equipment before the strike in 1970.
Photo was taken in 1969 at truckstop near Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant, Iowa. Our load consisted of 2,000 lbs of hand grenades in the drom for Ft. Lewis, and 34,000 lbs of artillery shells for Yakima Firing Range, WA.

South End Beverages
This new 1993 Freightliner was photographed in a rest area while hauling beer from Columbus, OH to Benton Harbor, MI. I drove for South End Beverages for 13 1/2 years. This was the first walk-in sleeper assigned to me. This South End Beverages Freightliner was photographed in my driveway at Coloma, MI. Owner, Dean Sanders (Dean The Beer Man) used the logo of a leprechaun running with a mug of beer. This 1985 Volvo with Volvo engine and transmission was new when I started hauling crushed beer bottles for Crystal Connection, Inc., a subsidiary of South End Beverages, Benton Harbor, MI. We bought returned bottles from other beer distributors in Michigan and sold crushed glass to refractories making new bottles in Plainfield, IL, Gurney, IL, and Burlington, WI. The Volvo had an air-assist clutch and air-powered synchromesh ten-speed.

Parkhurst Manufacturing
This new 1967 GMC was photographed at Parkhurst Manufacturing, Sedalia, MO. R. Richard Parkhurst and I were preparing to haul a load of truck platforms with grain and cattle sideboards to Corpus Christi, TX. The tractor was powered with a 195 hp Detroit.

Direct Transit (Brada Miller trip-lease)
I had worked for the Glupker family's Direct Transit Lines of Grand Rapids, MI as a teenager, chasing parts and washing trailers. In 1968, they assigned me to this new Crackerbox owned by Summerfield Motor Leasing, Gary, IN. It was trip-leased to Brada Miller in this photo.

Chippewa Motor Freight
This new doubles rig was photographed in 1969 at Ford Shopping Mall in Chicago where Chippewa safety department refereed the Illinois truck rodeo. A COE International day-cab with 270 hp Cummins and ten-speed is designed to stay within the 65 ft. length limit. I got the job out of Ottawa, IL because Chicago road drivers would not make more than one stop enroute. Chippewa auctioned their authority and equipment in 1978, not 1972 as noted in Ron Napierala's album. I was still working there in 1973. Chippewa was owned by the Babbitt family of Eau Claire,WI.

Key Line Freight
I bought this new 1973 International Transtar 4070A and leased to Key Line Freight of Grand Rapids. The tractor had an 8V71 Detroit and 10-speed Roadranger. Aftermarket items included Southwind gas-fired preheater, propane catalytic cab heater, and water/fuel warmer. The photo was taken at my parents home in Grand Rapids. Owned by the Darling family, Key Line authority was sold to Roadway effective April 1, 1978. I could have dove-tailed onto the seniority roster at Roadway's Chicago Hgts terminal, but chose to continue as an owner-operator.

Refrigerated II
In 1975 I hauled frozen pies from Traverse City, MI to the University of Florida and other stop-offs, returning with orange juice concentrate to Kroger, Livonia, MI. The longest trip with the 4070A was a load of frozen strawberries from Laredo, TX to Windsor, Ontario, 1635 miles.

R W Service System
By 1982, my 1973 4070A was worn out when R W of Taylor, MI canceled the leases on all 45 of their single-unit owner-operators. I sold the truck, and the new owner leased it to Diamond of Racine, WI. Years later, I saw the truck at Faygo Softdrink, pulling for a Detroit cartage company. This photo was taken behind the supermarket in my neighborhood where I parked while at home in Coloma, MI.

This photo was taken in 1983 at the Alreco aluminum smelter in Benton Harbor, MI. For about three years, I hauled molten aluminum to various automotive casting plants. The liquid metal is shipped in ceramic-lined crucibles at 1600 degrees. Using Matlack authority, my employer owned this Kenworth while the new Ashdown chassis was owned by Alreco. A crucible weighed 20,000 lbs empty, and 50,000 lbs full.

GATX Logistics and APL
The Michigan Fruit Canners labeling plant was taken over by GATX Logistics in 1998 and they leased four Volvo day-cabs from Ruan Leasing. This photo was taken then at the Coloma, MI plant. Later, Neptune Orient Lines bought GATX Logistics and merged it with APL Logistics. Ruan Leasing was bought by Ryder Leasing. I drove within a 100-mile radius for 4 1/2 years.

Southshore Logistics
This Freightliner leased from Ryder was photographed in 2004 at Padnos Paper Recycling, Grandville, MI. I haul scrap paper from IPC Print Services in St. Joseph, MI. They print low-circulation magazines and trade journals. My employer, Southshore Logistics, provides dedicated transportation to their warehousing customers in the Midwest and Northeast U.S.

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