Gary Walton's 2000 ATHS National Truck Show Pictures

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These pictures were taken at the annual ATHS Convention at Valley Forge, PA

68 Pete 359, narrow nose, single screw, 24' dry van (nice working truck). Bill Nygard, Haddon, CT. 77 Brockway 761 (still working). Owned by Roy Slagle, Tjamsville MD 48 Reo 31T. Owned by Shaw Connection, Byron NY
50 Mack EN 291, gasoline engine, 6 yard dump. Owned by Pfahl Mack Restorations 47 Brockway 260XW, 220 Cummins (this was a beautiful restoration, the wood in the cab interior was fantastic). Owned by Brian Brown, Blissville, MI
56 Mack H63T-2458 ( bright screaming yellow, interesting restoration) . Owned by Fred Beauchamp, Rutland VT
69 Pete 359A, 275 Cummins (a classic!). Owned by Randy Brown, Narvon PA 50 Pete 350. Owned by Howie Howe, Maysville KY 50 Ford F1. Owned by Ken Briers, Washington DC
74 Brockway 360 . Owned by John D. Potter of Cortland NY.
51 Mack LJ 707, Gas motor, 15 speed tri-plex. 36 Diamond T 80D. Owned by Max Heinz, Holdridge NE 26 Mack AB. Owned by Gary Mahon, Basking Ridge NJ
56 White 3000. Owned by Gary Mahon, Basking Ridge NJ (this guy has quite a collection)
59 Mack B753 ST (B model hood, L model Cab, incredible paint work). Owned by Dennis Mehan,

39 Mack FC. Owned by Gary Mahon, Basking Ridge NJ
52 Mack LTL. Owned by Gary Mahon, Basking Ridge NJ 65 Mack B815, HD 12 yd dump (very cool truck). Owned by Gary Mahon, Basking Ridge NJ

55 Mack W71, Cummins 275, big cam, two 6 bits. Owned by Dan Thomas, Medford Oregon

53 Mack LTL. Owned by Dan Thomas, Medford Oregon
69 Pete 359, Cummins 350 (sweet truck). Owned by EF Wright, Elkton VA 49 Freightliner. Owned by Gully Transportation, Quincy Illinois 61 IH West Coaster RDF 402, 400 Cummins. Owned by C Meade Baldwin & Sons, Millersville PA
60 Mack H67 T & 70 Fruehauf 40' Reefer. Owned by Cliff Hicklin, Seaford DE 33 Indiana 85A, (screaming yellow paint). Owned by Roland Smith, San Diego, CA 48 Autocar DC 100-TN. Owned by Terry Klenske.
70 Dodge LNT 1000 (COE). Owned by Burdette Phenicie, Adrian MD 75 Freightliner. Owned by Burt Phenicie, Adrian MD 65 Mercury M950 (Canadian Ford, kinda rare). Owned by Brocter's Cartage, Toronto Ontario
59 Autocar DC 10264. Owned by Bill & Carl Hewitt, Uncasville CT 49 Sterling/White HA 1401. Owned by Bill & Carl Hewitt, Uncasville CT
55 IH RDC 405 & 51 Fruehauf SS 35' van. Owned by Nate Hare, Monroe WI,

50 Kenworth Bullnose 200 Cummins & 32' Fruehauf Furniture box. Owned by Ross Mackie, Ontario Canada
70 White 9000, Cummins 250. Owned by Fred Steck, Steck Trucking, Camden, NJ
61 White 4200. Owned by Terry Klenske, Fontana CA 53 KW D99. Owned by Terry Klenske, Fontana CA
62 Freightliner T726 4T, 220 Cummins. Owned by Terry Klenske, Fontana CA 64 Pete 281 TA. Owned by Terry Klenske, Fontana CA 53 Pete 280 P. Owned by Terry Klenske, Fontana CA
74 IH Fleetstar 2070A. Owned by Jim Wood, Newark DE 64 IH R190. Owned by Jim Wood 54 IH RDC-405L. Owned by Drexel Pentz, Grampion PA
55 KW KOD 521c owned by Terry Klenske. 55 Autocar. Owned by PM Kinney Redding CT 62 Mack F737 ST. Owned by Harry Muhschegel, Tabernacle NJ
61 Mack B61 & 38' Rodgers Lowboy. Owned by Bruebaker Excavating, Bowmansville PA 51 Brockway 260XW. Owned by Louis Barber, Leesburg NJ
63 IH V190. Owned by Jim & Donna Wood, Newark DE 70 IH 2000-D. Owned by Jim Wood, Newark DE
63 Mack B61. Owned by Chadd Udelhover, Newton IA, (1972 Overdrive Magazine Truck of the Month) 64 IH DCOF 405. Owned by Bill Glawe, Dana IA 35 White 45. Owned by WF Markey, Dallastown PA
38 Dodge & 32 Kingham Tanker (this was neat). Owned by Brian Yarnali, Honeybrook PA 55 Mack LTL. Owned by Jack Corner & Family, Joppa MD
70 Pete 359 wide nose dump & transfer box trailer combo. Owned by John Guss of Salt Lake City Utah
63 Autocar A10264. Owned by James Bowser, Medina OH 55 GMC 930. Owned by Fred Craig, Fairfax VA 52 Mack LTL & Great Dane reefer. Owned by John Wieringa, Coshocton OH
74 Dodge Bighorn 950, 350 Cummins. Owned by Peter Grimm, Melrose NY 73 Freightliner. Owned by Peter Grimm 48 White WC72. Owned by Bernard Boucher, St. Ligdori Quebec
70 Brockway H360 TLY. Owned by Peter Grimm 75 IH Conco. Owned by K&M Enterprises, Ohio
56 Hendrickson. Owned by Gully Trans, Quincy IL 70 Brockway 361. Owned by O. Kranick, Collegeville PA 74 KW W900. Owned by Karl Ellerman, Landisburg PA
72 White 9000. Owned by Mike & Kathie Colton, Encinatas PA 67 KW A model conventional. Owned by Terry Klenske, Fontana CA 56 Mack B61 & 53 Fruehauf 32' van. Owned by James Hall, Poland ME
70 White 9000 & 65 Fruehauf stainless 35' van. Owned by Robert Lloyd, Gibbstown NJ 64 Mack B61. Owned by Roland Lozeau, Templeton MA 56 Ford C800. Owned by Gary Probst, China Grove NC
51 Mack LJ. Owned by Gib Gibson, South Bend NC 59 Mack B83X. Owned by Jim Flett, Westford MA 50 Sterling White HC 2002. Owned by Jim & Flossie Flett
50 Autocar C70T. Owned by Frames Motor Freight, West Chester PA 39 Peterbilt 260 WD. Owned by Bob Dean, Baton Rouge, LA 50 Sterling White. Owned by Bob Dean
56 KW C6 825 C. Owned by Bob Dean 75 Dodge Bighorn. Owned by Tony Youngblood, Augusta GA

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