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This picture was taken at Chapman's Kelowna, BC yard in about 1967.

The left tractor is an International, powered by a 549 gas engine. Some of those engince were really hot and others were dogs. The hot engines would blow up with an average of 40,000 miles and the dogs would just about double that mileage. But both types were not hot sellers.

The second tractor from the left was what was called a "High Shack Binder." This one had the five-bolt heads and was the Cummins natural aspirated 200 HP diesel. These were the ones you could not run down hill over 1400 rpm, as the disks would score from lack of lubricant and leave you with a piston not getting fuel. The best thing about them was the crows nest view you got in traffic. Chapman had two of these, Unit #7 and Unit #29. They had 36 M tandem rears, five-speed spicers and three-speed auxiliaries. Unit #7 was bought in 1952 and 29 came in 1953. In those days they were the top of the line tractors. These were made in Emeryville.

The next tractor is a N Model Mack. It had a 165 Cummins engine, a five-speed transmission and two-speed axle. The five-speed shifter was on the steering column.

The last one is about a 1967 Kenworth with a 318 Detroit diesel, R 915 Fuller transmission and 38000 Eatons rear end.

This picture was taken in Chapman's Kamloops yard. If you look closely, the sign on the front of the box says, "Bill Brewer Trucking." He was trying to sell this idea to LTL carriers hauling to destinations in the northern part of the province. It is shown in its extended position. The lumber would be loaded on the deck and the driver would then back up the skin over the deck which eliminated tarping. This never was accepted as the lumber would jam against the side of the trailer and had to be hand bombed out. This Freightliner is about a 1967 vintage, and the lettering under Bill Brewer Trucking says, "Skinback Express."

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