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Here is the cover of the book where these pictures came from.
If you ever find a copy of this book anywhere, I highly recommend it. It's a great history lesson.
Consolidated Freightways truck and trailer taken in Montana in the 1940's by my Dad. White Freightliner model 7564 the year could be around 1953, taken at the Portland, OR plant. This Freightliner is a Canadian Freightways taken in North Burnaby, BC.
A White Freightliner truck belonging to Public Freightways. Taken in 1959. I received this picture on April 18, 2005 from Tom Wolfe. Tom drove this truck in 1967. Thank you Tom for the great picture!!
Here is a restored Consolidated Freightways Freightliner, taken at Heindrick AG Center, Woodland, CA.
A Freightliner truck hauling hay for East Chilliwack CO-OP. Taken in Chilliwack, BC in 1973. Some trucks in a truck stop in Los Angeles in 1975.
This truck, owned by Jim Hagen of Port Coquitlam, BC, was caught sitting along a street in Vancouver, BC in 1986. This truck is sitting in a truck stop at Fife, WA in 1986. This Freightliner was owned by Mercury Express of Vancouver, BC. This photo taken in Vancouver in 1986.
This Freightliner was seen in a lot in Albany, OR.
This Freightliner was seen parked in Wenatchee, WA.
Here are two different Freightliners seen in a lot in Yakima, WA.
Gordon Trucking Inc. Freightliner, along I-5 in northern California 1989. Another Gordon Trucking Inc. Freightliner, along I-5 in northern California 1989. Here is a picture of an early 1960's Freightliner owned by PIX (Pacific Inland Express. The picture was taken near Bridal Falls, BC in 1962,
Here is a White Freightliner brochure that I received from the Freightliner dealership in Vancouver in the early 1960's.
White Freightliner brochure that I received from the Freightliner dealership in Vancouver in the early 1960's. Here is picture from a 1940's Freightliner ad from a US trucking magazine. Ken Goudy Collection.
Here is picture of a Freightliner owned by Ryan's Trucking. This picture was taken in 1987 in Vancouver, BC. Here is picture of a Freightliner pulling a 28 foot container. Taken in Vancouver, BC in 1987. Here is picture of a Freightliner on contract with Touchdown Trucking of Coquitlam, BC. The tractor is hooked up to a Consolidated Freightways trailer. This picture was taken in 1987 in Gastown, which is the older part of Vancouver, BC.
Here is picture of a Freightliner at a rest area in Oregon. This picture was taken in 1998. Here's a picture of a new Freightliner Argosy taken in Australia. This picture was taken by Malcolm Woodhouse. Here is a JKC Transport Freightliner Century Class taken in Louisiana by Craig Wendt.
Here is a picture of a Kingsway Freightliner captured close to Kamloops, BC in 1986. Kim Loeb Collection. Here is a picture of a White Freightliner from Berg's Trucking, who did a lot of contract work around Vancouver, BC for the railroads. Here the Freightliner is pulling a British Columbia Railway trailer taken in Vancouver, BC in 1982. Kim Loeb Collection. Here is a picture of another White Freightliner working for Berg's Trucking. This picture was taken in Vancouver, BC in 1982. Kim Loeb Collection.
Here is a picture of a Consolidated Freightways Freightliner taken in 1975 in Pennsylvania. The hookup is interesting as it is a long wheel based tractor with the fifth wheel being slid right up to the cab. At the time this was the way that CF could run doubles in the state of Pennsylvania. In this way the truck would run as a straight truck pulling a pup trailer. Robert Archer Collection.
Here is a picture of a Freightliner belonging to a US based produce hauler. These truckers would switch their trailers to an Ontario trucker in Niagra Falls, at the Whirlpool Bridge crossing for delivery to Toronto. The US driver would layover in one of the nearby motels. Robert Archer Collection.
Bulk Systems was the tank service division of CP Express and Transport. This was a large operation in Western Canada. Canadian Pacific Express and Transport (CPET) set it up in Ontario around 1980. This 1979 Freightliner was leased to CP Bulk Systems in 1983. It hauled gasoline for Texaco, bulk sugar for Redpath and acid to Sault Ste Marie Ontario. This picture was taken in 1983. Robert Archer Collection.
CN Transportation Ltd. hauls intermodal trailers and containers from the huge CN BIT (Brampton Intermodal Terminal) around Ontario. This pictures was taken in Mississauga, Ontario in 1997. Robert Archer Collection.
Laidlaw Transports had large operations in Ontario in the 1970's and 1980's. This Freightliner was leased to the dump division based in Hamilton, ON which hauled grain, sulpher, ores, etc. in Ontario, Quebec, and Michigan. The picture was taken in Missisauga, Ontario in 1982. Robert Archer Collection. Inway was another Ryder/PIE subsidiary company. They opened a small office in Ontario in 1981. They managed to survive the Ryder/PIE collapse and now operate as a Landstar Company. The picture was taken in Mississauga, Ontario in 1998. Robert Archer Collection. Tallman Transport is an Ontario carrier that specializes in hauling intermodal containers. This Freightliner was taken on Ontario Highway 3 in Simcoe, Ontario in May 1999. Robert Archer Collection.
This Freightliner was taken at Coos Bay, OR in 1980. The owner is A.J. Thomas & Sons.
This photo is from Mike Clark.
This is the first truck bought with Henry Dirksen. He owned and operated before selling it to another person that continued to lease to Dirksen. He then sold it to Dean Docter's Dad and he drove it for years before selling it to Paul Rowen, who turned it into a cattle truck and to this day its haulin' cattle. This truck has a 400 Cummins engine and a 13 speed transmission. These are from Dean Docter's collection.
Midland Courier is a division of Midland Transport and specialises in small package and bulk delivery of time=sensitive freight. These two tractors were once called the "cleanest company trucks in the fleet" by one Midland Fleet Manager. Both tractors are spec'd identically with Detroit Diesel 60 Series engines, Eaton/Fuller Super-10T2 tansmissions and Meritor rear axles on Freightliner Air Liner suspensions. The Courier tractor is a company-owned unit, while the Transport tractor is leased from Ryder. Bigger, unseen differences are 10 aluminum wheels, 130/150 gallon fuel tanks on the Ryder unit while the company tractor has dual 100 gallon fuel tanks. This is from Doug McKenzie's collection.
Here is Freightliner C-112 Century from Midland Transport. This is one of many units that run specifically for Michelin Tires between points in Canada and the United States. The engine is a 3176 Cat with a 10-speed transmission and the trailer is a refrigerated Great Dane. The trailer is dedicated to Michelin, and is not used in the Midland General fleet. The photo was taken by T. Brad Dunkin at the Irving Big Stop at Salisbury NB in 1999.
Here are some Freightliner advertisements from some trucking magazines from Ken Goudy's collection.
Routair Transport Freightliner taken in Le Grand Prix de formule 1 de Montréal ( Formula 1) in June 1986. Routair was a trucking company specialized in the ground transportation of air freight, between the major airport of North America. From the end the 70's to 1989. Martin Beaulieu Collection.
1998 Freightliner Classic XL. Pat Kramer, the owner, took this photo on July 5th 2001. She is on the Washington side of the beautiful Columbia River, Oregon is on the far side of the river. Pat's truck is powered by a 500 Detroit and has a 15 speed transmission. Photo by Pat Kramer.
1998 Freightliner Classic XL. Pat took this one in Benson, Az. She has 677K miles on him now & he's still going strong! Photo by Pat Kramer.
John Highley's great looking ride: 1998 Freightliner with 725,000 miles on it. I'm running a 500 Detroit with a thirteen double over. My 2000 Freightliner FLD 132 owned and operated by myself, Berl Anderson of Nanaimo,British Columbia.
Here is a picture of our truck that we have had since new, and now has become a lawn ornament. We just can't sell it, and as of yet, can't justify restoring it. However, that day might come. It is an 85' Freightliner, owned by my Dad, Eno Vandertil from Sombra, ON. It was on with Chinook Chemicals for most of its life, then finished its career hauling equipment with Dallas Mavis.



This is my father's 89' Freightliner, the little kid is my son. Photo by "Nick" 1996 Freightliner Classic From Seminole Bulk . Hauls produce out of Washington and occasionally works for Vic Hoskins hauling produce to Anchorage. Ben Creigh Collection.

Here is a picture taken in London, Ontario around the same time. The unit is currently for sale. I am upgrading to a shorter train and conventional tractor. The unit as is is 81 ft long. The cabover no longer comes with Cat power, so I am moving into a conventional tractor so i can stay with 15 ltr Cat motor. I love the Argosy but I want Cat power. Jim Burns Photo and Collection.

Here is a picture I received from Leo from Houston, Texas. This is his Freightliner. Here is a picture I received from Jim Harvill. It's a 99 Freightliner owned by his wife Beverly and himself. They lease it to Forward Air out of Columbus, OH. The picture was taken at Texas Canyon in Arizona in January of 2004. 1974 White Freightliner UNI-BODY. Brian Clark Collection.
2000 Freightliner Classic flattop that Raf uses for hauling containers around Ontario. Raf bought the truck in September 2006.
Photos by Rafal Piasecki

James Smith is a driver trainer for England. Here is a picture of his truck taken by one of his students. Special Edition Freightliner FLD
Truck owned and photographed by Dennis Green
The truck was a 1990 Freightliner FLD 120, it had a 3406B Mechanical engine in it. I loved that ole girl, it never gave me any trouble. Kenbrent is now Lucas Refrigerated Express. Trevor Nagy Collection.

Donald Locke Collection

I worked for NW transport for 10 years, and I was one of the last mechanic's to walk out the door the night they went bankrupt.
Seeing all the NW rigs that I used to work on every day sure brought back some memories! :)
Prior to working for NW, I worked for Rollins Truck Leasing, a tiny 2 bay shop in Westminister Colorado at the Sigman meat plant.

One of the maintence contracts we had was Quality Steak and one day I was asked to clean up one of their units for a photo shoot, and I spent many hours washing, buffing this unit and setting it up for this photo which I have an original copy of this photo.
It maybe the only photo left of this rig as I have never seen another in existence so far.
The day Rollins closed this shop, I was given this professionally taken photo of the Quality Steak unit as a momento of my years service and I have hung on to it ever since. Think this was taken some time around 1984 - 1985?

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