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Here are three pictures of Fords belonging to Carolina Freight Carriers. These are Gary Morton photos and are part of Ken Goudy's collection.
Here is an Arkansas Best Freight Ford pulling a set of doubles. This is a Gary Morton photo and part of Ken Goudy's collection. Here is an Con-Way Southern Express Ford pulling a set of doubles. Ken Goudy' Collection. Here is a picture of a black USF Reddaway Ford pulling a short single axle trailer. Ken Goudy Collection.
Here is a picture of a Ford grain hauler. This picture was taken in 1964.
This is part of Ken Goudy's collection.
1961 H-Series Ford Truck Brochure. Here is a picture of a Ford grain hauler belonging to Don Lavely of Galloway, Ohio. The picture was taken in 1964.
This is part of Ken Goudy's collection.
This CLT9000 Ford was leased to CAN_AM division of Bynes Motor Express. This was a Ryder Nationwide company during the early 1980's. It ran flatbeds of steel and lumber to and from the US. This picture was taken in 1982.
This is part of Robert Archer's collection.
This McKinlay Ford LT9000 is shown at the MidCon Truck Terminal in Toronto, ON, moving some In Bond freight for clearance. MidCon is a large Sufferance Warehouse where goods are customs cleared. McKinlay hauls mostly automotive parts in international service. They are the Canadian division of Central Transport of Detroit. This is the current paint scheme. If you refer to the pictures on Don Querciagrossa's web page you can see some White trucks in their older paint scheme, when McKinlay first moved from Cooksville, ON to Milton, ON.
This is part of Robert Archer's collection.
Speedy Transport is the Ontario and Quebec interline carrier for all USF shipments. Speedy hauls from Detroit Michigan and Buffalo, NY to Toronto, Montreal and areas. The picture of this Ford LT9000 was taken in Mississaugo, ON in 1995.
This is part of Robert Archer's collection.

Here are the before photos of Felix's 1963 Ford H1000. As you can see he has started to paint some items. This photos was taken in the winter. The truck has a 220 cummins, 10 spd Roadranger and started right up after sitting for 20 years!! It was a 10 wheeler with the second axle being the "rubber band drive" with the fanbelts but the previous owner cut the axle off making it a single axle. It was originally a Allied Van Lines truck until 1970 when they traded it and a trucker bought it. Felix bought it from the trucker. Felix has the original title and all documentation including tax slips and drivers logs and all that paperwork. The Ford has 11-20 tires back and 10-20 in the front. In one of the compartments, Felix has the old-fashioned lighting kits with all the fuses and lights in it. Felix will send a photo of that soon. Felix hopes is asking people who have stories or information on the H1000 to contact him. His E-Mail address is:
Some Ford H1000 engine pictures
Here is a picture of the transmision shifter lever entering the top of the Roadranger 10 spd
Here is a picture of the truck when were were lining up our John Deeres to take a picture of them Here is a comparison between the Ford H1000 and the Kenworth. They come along way! Here is a picture of a 1984 Kenworth belonging to a friend of mine. He lives in a residential area and they won't let him park it at his house. He leaves it at our farm. It has a 400 Cummins, 13 speed, air ride suspension, double bunk sleeper and over a million and a quarter miles.
The light box I got with my Ford H1000.

With Athearn announcing the release of the Ford C-Cab cabover, I thought I'd dig up some brochure pictures to show some examples. These come from a December 1960 Clues To Successful Truck Operation magazine put out by Ford Trucks.
Roadway Ford cabover city rig passing us as we were at the US Bakery. Roadway Ford cabover loading at one of the wearhouses in Seattle. Pozzi Brothers Ford cabover probably used at a yard tractor at their Kent terminal.
Thought you might like a picture of my Dad's "two story falcon". It had a 1673 B 245 Cat, 10 spd Ranger, 3.70 rear with a Neway air tag. The truck pulled for Timbersteel Buildings. out of Apopka, FL. She was good for 85 m.p.h. The picture was taken in "73", lost my Dad Feb 28th 2003, he was one of a dying breed. Keith Cantone Collection.
I own a 1974 Ford WT9000. It has a great story -believe it or not - it has "53,000" original miles! Formula 350 NTC Cummins, Spicer 10 speed, sleeper . . . I plan on restoring it to a factory Ford paint scheme and some other things - but all vintage 1974. I call it a "character" truck, as they all look the same now-a-days. Sad, but true. At any rate, I would be honored to submit a photo of it for your page. She has earned an official "antique" status and runs like a watch... Photo from the Robb Mariani Collection.

Ford C Series cab over 1968 Ford F-850 1955 Ford F-100

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