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A lineup of Kenworth cabovers which are part of Phillips Transports Kenworths from Shepparton in Victoria. The S-2 Kenworth with a 6V92T Detroit under the hood. Early 80's International Atkinson 3800 from Sydney it runs an 8V92 Detroit. The Atkinson 3800 series actually had fibreglass cabs and are known as the 'plastic Atkinsons'
Unidentified International taken at the BP truckstop in the dockland suburb of Footscray. Unidentified Western Star taken at the BP truckstop in the dockland suburb of Footscray. Unidentified Kenworth taken at the BP truckstop in the dockland suburb of Footscray.
Unidentified Kenwoth taken at the BP truckstop in the dockland suburb of Footscray. A&F Mifsud Transport Kenworth slimline cabover taken at Convoy for Kids a few years back. Unidentified V8 Mack Valueliner taken at Convoy for Kids a few years back.
Western Star 4964 is a late 80's model from Marchetti Transport running a Detroit Series 60 engine. Late 70's Kenworth from Outlaw Transport. The S-2 had a 903 Cummins under the hood and ran local around Melbourne. The 84' Western Star owned by Ian Kelly was powered by a 475hp 8V92TA Detroit and did container work locally. The truck was also rig of the year back in 1985.
Signature 600 powered Western Star owned by Wignals Transport. The trailer is a Byrne convertable stock crate. It runs interstate and was Rig of the Year in 2001. Here is quite an interesting truck. It's an Australian built Leader Challenger. Leader went under in the late 80's unfortunitly but you still see a few of their cabovers running around. Interestingly, the cabover shared the same cab as the F-series Mack. This Leader was photographed in about 1984. It has a Cat 3406, Spicer gearbox and was going serious heavy haulage for Brambles. A lineup of some of Freestone's Transports trucks. They run mainly Freightliner Argosy's, cabover Kenworths and 379 Peterbilts. All are big horsepower and low tare weights carrying nice light parcel freight on the Hume hwy between Melbourne and Sydney.
This truck belongs to a friend of mine, Jason Howell. It's an early 90's International S-Line. It's got a 460 Cummins and Spicer box, custom hi-rise roof and every bolthead on the truck and trailer are chrome! The trailer is a 48ft curtain sider. Jason runs local around Melbourne in this. Also, it's going to be the main wedding "vehicle" at my wedding next year!
A very nice late 80's 3406B powered Kenworth SAR. Freestone's Transport old B61 Mack was restored about 10 years ago and now has a 300 Cummins and Road Ranger box and is used on local. Freestone's Transport Kenworth W-model is an early 80's that was also rebuilt. Quite sure it's got an N-14 Cummins under the hood and is running interstate.
Marshall's Transport, a small company from Sydney. Probably the best looking fleet on our highways. The T-950 next to the K-104 Aerodyne was Rig of the year in 2002 as well. A very nice Kenworth T-604 This old 1984 Superliner was run by Leitch Heavy haulage. It had a 400 V8 and ran fuel all over the east coast
Kenworth Aerodyne was owned by Thompsons Transport. Had a 3406 Cat and ran all over Australia. A 3800 Atkinson with an 8V92T belongs to Riseleys Transport from Leongatha in Victoria. This too runs country and local. An early 80's K 125 Kenworth from Ryans Transport. Has a 445 Dteroit and runs country and local.
Kenworth SAR (left) and Kenworth cabover taken in 85' at Roccisano Transport in Shepparton. Most of them had 300 Cummins and ran mostly Melbourne to Sydney. Roccisanos we're taken over about 10 years ago. A mid 70's International Acco 3070 Eagle. It had a 903 Cummins and 15 speed running interstate.
A mid 80's W-Model Cat powered Kenworth logger pictured at a truck and machinery show out on a test drive. Unidentified Kenworth cabover
These 3 trucks are Atkinson 4800 models. The 48 series superceded the 3800 series with the main difference being the set back front axle. The first one was owned by Lake Boga Transport and was photographed in a Shell truckstop in Footscray in the late 80's. The second pic is 2 of Riseley's Transports 4800's. One was powered by a 350 Cummins and the other an 8V92 Detroit.
These 2 cabover Kenworths are from J. Collins Transport in Adelaide. The first one I took in about 1977 while the second was photographed at the Shell Truckstop in Footscray in the mid 80's. A restored early 70's model, was owned by Eastoe's Transport. Eastoe's ran mainly SAR and W-model's with 300 and 350 Cummins and 15 speeds on interstate but are sadly no longer in business.
These 2 taken in the early 80's are some Kenworth cabovers from Finemore's Transport. Most of their trucks ran 8V92TT Detroits and carried livestock, refrigerated and later car carrying.
One of Eastoe's Transports SAR's taking a break in the shade. Taken back in 1985 is this LTL 9000 Louisville from Lindsay Brothers Transport, while the Detroit powered SAR Kenworth was pictured at the Riseleys Transport yard.
These 2 Kenworths, taken back in 1983, are from Fred's Interstate Transport from Shepparton.
An SAR Kenworth and a brand new cabover Kenworth from Phillips Transport taken back in 1983. Information on this Kenworth SAR is unknown
Kenworth W-Model, also a 'Gold Nugget' is owned by Barry Densley. Two of MD&D Transports Kenworths waiting to load. One of Kwikasair's road train spec Kenworth W-Models
From Cleveland Freightlines out of Adelaide are these 2 cabover Kenworths. Interestingly all their Kenworths have the words "Mack Muncher" painted on them. Photographed in the late 70's is this cabover Kenworth from J.J. Leech Transport from Castlemaine
Taken back in about 1982 at Leitch Heavy Haulage are this pair of LNTLouisvilles and R-600 Mack One of Jets old very well presented Kenworth SAR's
These 3 pics we're all taken in about 1976. The first is one of Mick Travelos' cabovers. Most of the MT trucks were leased to TNT and very well known up till the 80's. Interestly it was one of Micks cabover Kenworths that was in the movie Mad Max towards the end of the film. The second pic is of a brand new SAR, while the third was taken at Cains Transport in Portland, Victoria.
This FLD Freightliner and International Transtar 4700 from Riseleys Transport usually do country runs. Taken at the stock yards shows an old 3800 Atkinson and one of Finemore's Kenworths
These 2 are from Marsdens Transport. Both the International Acco and the Atkinson 4800 we're on interstate. One of Iannelli's Transports 'Gold Nugget' limited edition Kenworth W-Models.
Nothing realy known about these two good looking W-Models.
This one is my latest project, it's a very radically modified GMC Astro. I stretched the chassis about 180mm's, fitted double rails for strength, Peterbilt air / leaf rear suspension, ran full air, fuel and electrical lines throughout, scratch built the 4 400ltr fuel tanks, twin battery boxes and twin tool boxes. It has scratch built engine mounts to take the fully detailed 3408 Cat and Road Ranger gearbox. The tailshaft is 2 piece polished alloy while all the fuel, oil and water filters have polished stainless sleeves. The front rims are modified Mack, while the 2 hole drives are taken from a Peterbilt kit. The sleeper is a 180" Melbourne Model Truck Accessories (MMTA) Traditional Custom (my own company) and has been fully fitted out with a double bed, shower, fridge, table and couch and sink. On top i fitted a MMTA Turbo Wing plus chrome side skirts with red lights. All 400 marker lights (with trailer) we're scratch built along with the 28" MMTA Texas bumper. All up it took about 600 hours.
These pictures show a 359 Peterbilt i built for a customer. It has a scratch built chassis (rails & x-members), fully detailed 400 Cummins and R/R gearbox, Hendrickson 2 spring rear suspension and Eaton diffs, 4 fuel tanks, right hand drive conversion, Revell cab with AMT bonnet, 14" MMTA Drop chrome sunvisor, 22" MMTA Texas bumper, 110" MMTA sleeper, scratch built air cleaners and full exhaust system with 8" stacks. All the marker lights and grill we're scratch built and the fade out paint is all done in pearls. This truck is usually hooked to a 45ft tri-axle pantech trailer.
This Kenworth Aerodyne was built for a customer. It is based on the AMT kit and has been very modified. The cab has been shortened to an 86" and the and the roof moved foward. The floor, tunnel and right hand dash have been scratch built (big pain) the doors cut out and hinged and the grill cut out and mesh fitted along with scratch built separate headlights. The chassis was shortened and full air lines fitted, then 3 scratch built fuel tanks and battery box fitted on the L/H side. The 8V92T Detroit was retained but Silver series rocker covers we're fitted along with a rear mounted turbo and Road Ranger gearbox. The twin air cleaners and intakes are scratch built along with the bull bar. All the pinstriping and scrolls we're hand done. All up about 300 hours.
This truck, known as my "Little Pete" originated as an experiment for several ideas iI wanted to try out. It has a shortened chassis, scratch built rear spring hangers and spring packs, full air, electrical and fuel lines, scratch built fuel tanks and battery boxes, MMTA resin 8V92TA Silver Detroit engine, chrome firewall and inner fenders, chrome rear chassis deck plate, bimper and alloy rear guards, 22" MMTA Texas bumper with frenched lights, scratch built antique style grill and single headlights, MMTA 12" bow tie drop sunvisor, right hand drive and many many more things.....
This is my old International Transtar 4070 Eagle. It's been fitted with a Cat 3406A which has been extremely detailed. All the spring packs are scratch built, it has full air, electrical and fuel lines, scratch built fuel tanks and filters, twin Atkinson 4800 style air cleaners, twin exhausts, scratch built floor pan and tunnel with a resin right hand drive dash, scratch built bullbar, spider rims and all the marker and tail lights have been scratch built. The trailer is one of my MMTA 42ft 2 deck cattle trailers with 4 pens per deck, twin tool boxes, sliding rear doors and riding on air bag suspension.
Another customer job was this 379 Peterbilt. It's been modified from a 378 kit and fitted with a detailed MMTA resin Series 60, MMTA 90" sleeper, Turbo wing and 25"Texas bumper. The chassis was stretched a bit and 4 scratch built tanks fitted and a right hand drive conversion done. The LTS Louisville has a resin fully plumbed Series 60 Detroit, right hand drive conversion, scratch built fuel tanks, 26" Texas bumper, 12" drop sunvisor, Turbo wing and a MMTA rigid tipper body.
AMT LNT 9000 Louisville is one I built about 10 years ago. It has a lengthened chassis, semi scratchbuilt 6V92TA Detroit and R/R gearbox, right hand drive conversion, spider wheels, scratch built fuel tanks, bull bar and tray body. The White 9000 was built using a Diamond Reo kit. The cabs moved foward 22mm's, has a resin White 9000 bonnet and 1/4 guards, scratch built grill, air cleaners and fuel tanks. Right hand drive conversion, Road Boss sunvisor, Kenworth 36" sleeper and has a 8V71T Detroit under the bonnet. The truck is also fully plumbed with all air, fuel and electrical lines.

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