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Autocar AT-64F Pictures from an Autocar brochure

Autocar AP Pictures from an Autocar brochure

Autocar DC Pictures from an Autocar brochure

1964 Autocar model AF ad
from an older magazine.
Autocar model D and a 1988 ACL model, taken from the June 1988 American Trucker magazine.
A 1966 with a 335 Cummins and 4x4 transmission. This photo came from an old magazine This is a 1963 with a NHRS 320 Cummins (super charged) and 12 speed Spicer. This picture came from an old magazine.
This is a 1953 with a 1960 220 Cummins, R96 Roadranger and 4.11 rears. From an old magazine. A 1966 twin steer wrecker. 250 Cummins and 5x3 trans. This picture came from an old magazine.

1962 Autocar model AP 19 heavy articulated low loader.

This Autocar was originally built for Arizona Public Service and delivered to Eidal of Albequerque New Mexico,for the winch and bed rigging. The 350 Ton capacity trailer was manufactured by Eidal as well. The complete unit was built for the transportation of transformers/generators across the Navajo Nation Desert in the construction of the Four Corners Power Plant, west of Farmington, New Mexico.

Lupul Transport of Edmonton Alberta,purchased the complete unit in 1966. The truck is still in Edmonton and the trailer was sold in 1993 to Premay.

Anthony (Tony) Lupul passed away Oct.25.2013. We have been approached to place the Autocar in a museum that will be completed in Devon AB....RHHS, Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Heritage Society of Canada. Thank you Rod and Dave Lupul for this information.

A 1940's vintage Autocar cabover. 1983 Autocar model AT-64-F.
A 1983 Autocar model DC-64-F. Marmon-Herrington HDT COE

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Allison-Chalmers 900 HP V-12

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