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Here is the story behind these pictures:

On the afternoon of April 20, 2003, I rode my motorcycle around downtown Nashville, TN and around the Titans (formely Adelphia) Coliseum. While riding some industrial area back streets past the Coliseum, I came upon between 40 to 50 C-F trailers (53s and pups) lining both sides of one of the streets and some lots along side the streets. In some places they were two deep. None locked, some doors open. Initially I thought the trailers were destined for another trucking company or were staging for some sort of rail/barge shipment. Then I turned a corner and realized that the street was along side of the massive PSC Metals recycling yard. Yes, they were scrapping the trailers out by apparently stripping the tires/wheels and then pulling the aluminum van bodies apart. Once the aluminum was pulled off, the rear undercarriages were stacked for steel recycling. I guess the wood floors were put in dumpsters as the process continued. I was able to get back a week later (04-27-03) and take the pictures of the several remaining C-F Trailers (plus some no-name trailers probably destined for the same fate). By then they had processed all the trailers I had rode by on the street. As the sun was setting I shot my camera though the fence from a public street and was able to get the following pictures:

Faded logo C-F trailer parked among recycling trailers. New graphics logo C-F trailer parked on side of road across from recycle yard. A pile of red C-F rear undercarraiges- lots of Oregon license tags. (Flash used, barbed wire fence in foreground)
Another pile of red C-F under carraiges - was mixed between tandems and single axles. Load door frame and C-F logo on pile of scrap metal. Crumpled C-F logo on scrap metal pile. (Flash used)
Crumpled C-F logo on scrap metal pile II. (Same pile as #6, different angle, no flash, setting sun in sky)

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