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DS Scott Transport was formed in 1957/58 when owner-operator Doug Scott left bankrupt London-Vancouver Express and went out on his own. Starting with 6 trucks DS Scott would eventually have terminals in London and Toronto Ontario, Vancouver British Columbia and Montreal Quebec. Foodstuffs, perishables and general freight were the commodities haulled from the west coast of Canada to eastern Canada and into New York City itself. Around the mid-60s additional authority was granted to carry goods to Moncton New Brunswick.

Most of the over the road linehaul equipment was pretty standard for the time - Freightliners, cab-over Kenworths and Hayes cab-overs. City equipment was originally provided by White trucks - a 3000 White in Vancouver and one in Toronto at one time. Eventually Vancouver would have an Autocar tandem for a city tractor.

Much of the linehaul equipment was provided by owner-operators. Company linehaul tractors would originally be powered by the then pretty well standard 250=hp Cummins diesel but as the company progressed, so did the equipment. For a short while, company trucks were equipped with the 240-hp Caterpillar 1673 engine - an engine which put out much more power than it's rating indicated: if stopped on a grade for any reason, the clutch had to be "slipped" in order to move otherwise the engine would stall.

Eventually a contract was obtained haulling diesel engine parts between London Ontario and Vancouver BC for General Motors Diesel so all company trucks would evetually be powered by Detroit Diesel engines.

City equipment in the mid-60s would be mostly Chevrolet straight trucks and B-Series GMC single-axle tractors. In time these would be replaced with city trucks from Dodge - L Series straight trucks and C-Series tractors. In fact, towards the last years of operation the Dodge C-Series tractors were equipped with 5 x 4 transmissions and full tandem drive!

Reitmier Truck Lines of British Columbia was purchased in the mid-60s to provide service into the interior of British Columbia.

Hockey great Eddie Shack would spent possibly 2 summers on hiatus from the Toronto Maple Leafs as a sales representative for DS Scott Transport.

Late in the '60s, new owners took over DS Scott Transport. The familiar black and white green striped tractors were replaced with all-white tractors with two black stripes on them that met at an X at the grille. Line haul drivers would be domiciled on the west coast alone (See Don Querciagrossa's comments on his Alltrans Express page).

Eventually DS Scott would be paired with Gill Interprovincial Lines Limited, already a part of the Australian-owned TNT Alltrans Group. At the time of this change, Gill did not have over-the-road authority while DS Scott did, it was changed into TNT Kwikasair about 1970/71 and continued until it was shut down.

TNT would eventually turn the Maritime Canada portion of the DS Scott license back to Doug Scott. He would operate again as Seaboard Express Lines, still using the familiar black, white and green-striped colours. Seaboard was never a really large operation, 4 or 5 over the road trucks at most, but it was eventually purchased by Speedway Express of Nova Scotia. Speedway Express would eventually be purchased by Brazeau Transport.

History of DS Scott by Doug McKenzie

D.S. Scott Transport trailer taken in 1976 at the TNT Alltrans terminal on Britannia Road in Mississauga, Ontario. Doug McKenzie Collection. Here is a picture of Herman Hass' Hayes Clipper cabover while it was leased to D.S. Scott. Drivers Henry Unrau and Pee Wee Gill. For more information on this truck, go to Doug's Hayes Page. Doug McKenzie Collection. Here is a picture of a Canadian Kenworth dromedary that was owned by Reitmier. Reitmier was purchased in the mid-60s by D.S.Scott Transport. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Here is a former D.S. Scott Canadian Kenworth COE leased to a now-defunct outfit named Marshall Leasing which in turn leased to Scott Paper Products. The Kenworth was employed in hauling loads of finished tissue products from Scott Paper mills in Maritime Canada to delivery points in Quebec and Ontario. Even back then finished tissue loads don't weigh much - a full 53 footer might not weigh any more than a 20,000 pound payload, so the 45 foot trailer behind this Kenworth wouldn't create too much strain for the old Cummins NHC-250 engine with it's Spicer 4 x 4 transmission. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Here are some pages from a telephone directory for D.S. Scott and Reitmier drivers. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Here is a 1968 Kenworth cab-over leased to Seaboard Express Lines Ltd. Seaboard was the eastern Canadian license of D.S.Scott Transport, sold to TNT when they purchased D.S. Scott but then later sold back to Doug Scott. This truck was Kingsway red, green and black and the Kingsway fleet number can be seen up under the windshield on the driver's side. Seaboard's colours were black and white with a green stripe, same as D.S. Scott Transport. The Canadian Kenworth had a Cummins NTC-335 engine with a Fuller RTO-915 Roadranger transmission. The photograph was taken at Jemseg, New Brunswick on June 27, 1973.
Here is a 60's Canadian Kenworth cab-over hauling for DS Scott. As stated in Doug McKenzie's history of DS Scott, this would have been taken in the late 60's. Photographer is unknown, as is the driver of this Kenworth. The picture is from the BC Line Drivers Pre-1965 Yearbook, June 26 & 27, 1999 edition.
These pictures of the D.S. Scott trucks came from the owner of the F Model Mack.
The pictures came via Doug McKenzie. Doug's Dad drove the F Model Mack for a couple of trips. The location is unknown, but the picture on the left looks like it could be "The Badlands" of North Dakota. Chris Hall Collection.
This D.S. Scott Freightliner was used for a Fruehauf ad in the late 50's. Norm Thompson Collection. Dick when he was made a manager at DS Scott. Dick Giroux Collection.
DS Scott Transport Hayes rigs. Two drivers, Henry Unrau and Clint Smith, of Number 142 were killed in an accident in a Saskatchewan blizzard in February 1966. Dick Giroux Collection. Here is a picture of a DS Scott Kenworth that was featured on a record cover, "Truck Driving Man" by Dick Nolan. Dick Giroux Collection.
This Kenworth was owned by Don Gray. Here is a picture of the rig when he hauled for D.S. Scott. Kevin Duddy Collection. London Vancouver Express Hayes, which was the originating company of D.S. Scott. Kevin Duddy Collection. Here is a D.S. Scott Canadian Kenworth. Ken Goudy Collection.

25 years ago I wrote Canadian Kenworth in regards to any photographs they might have of Canadian Kenworth COE's.

This is a photocopy of one that they themselves photocopied and sent to me.

Ironic that it's a D.S. Scott tractor and I was in the process of beginning to model one in 1/25th scale.
Doug McKenzie Collection.

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