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Rick Waldorf Trucking, loading produced oil north of Lloydminster Alberta A load of heavy crude in a field of rapeseed, summer 2003, Rick Waldorf Trucking Waiting to unload heavy crude at the battery, CNRL north of Lloydminster Alberta
425 CAT engine Alberta traffic jam
Early fall, just off the Munro Mainline, north of Mackenzie BC, fall 1996 Entrance to the Challenger Main Line, AT KM 75 on the Crow, Fort Nelson BC Fort Nelson, Crow Main Line
Fort Nelson BC, entrance to pipeline AT KM 119 on the Patry Mainline Fort Nelson BC, Crow and Patry Main Line Junction
Bob Keen's truck, Ft Nelson BC, KM 170 on The Beaver A perfect opportunity to grease and set the brakes, Ft Nelson BC, Keen Enterprises

Highway hauler from Quebec tried hauling logs on the ice roads

Get the hint!!!!!, Sharp Corner KM 126 Patry Mainline, Ft Nelson BC North for a load of long wood, Wiliston Lake in the background, northern, BC
Load of long wood going to town, northern BC Loading long wood onto a five axle long logger, off highway, north of Mackenzie BC
Maligne Lake area. early fall, Jasper National Park Northern British Columbia, south of Kemess Mine
Load of long wood on The Big Snake Corner, KM 167 on the beaver, Ft Nelson BC On the Big Snake Bridge, Ft Nelson BC Reforestation in motion brought to you by Big Snake Trucking, Fort Nelson BC
Road sign 1 road sign 2 Sunrise at Tackama Forest Products, -53 degrees, Fort Nelson BC, winter 2000
Rush hour in the bush Short wood hauler, Northern BC, early fall Shorty running a lowbed across the Nation River Bridge at KM 24 of the Munroe Mainline, North of Mackenzie BC
Rock truck headed for the Kemess Mine, Northern BC South of Kemess Mine, equipment haulers, northern BC The old-timer with the new truck, Mackenzie BC, 1997
Unloading at the mill, winter haul, Fort Nelson BC Unloading short wood at Finlay Forest Products, Mackenzie BC, Fall 1997
Whaaaat!!!! Wiliston Lake, log truck ferry, KM 32 Finlay Main Line, Northern BC, about minus 38 degrees Wiliston Lake, Northern B.C. log truck ferry, Fletcher Challenge mill in background

Winter lake dump

1998 Kenworth, on the way to Kemess Mine, Northern BC 302 Ford 'n' feline named Clem 60 tonne grapple yarder being moved up to the high profit block from The Frog Pond Block, 1995
Akie River Area, Northern BC Cat 'n' a barrel, Wolfe Farms
Cal Nash Trucking, moving precision 295 slant double, Petro Canada S.A.G.D Project, Fort Mcmurray, ALBERTA Cal Nash Trucking moving pipe racks for Precision Drilling # 295, A slant double on the Petro Canada S.A.G.D Project, Ft Mcmurray Alberta
Cute dog Da Boss Don Laird, hit with avalanche, Fraser BC - Skagway Alaska, 1993
Flathead City Fording Mine, Elkford BC Gus Decook from Squamish BC needs a helping hand, Fort Nelson BC, 1998, Minus 53 below zero
Gus Decook, Fort Nelson BC, very very very very cold, winter 1998 Hidden Valley, north of Omenica Camp, winter 1996, northern BC Highway hauler trys his hand at the bush roads
Jimmy the fox waits for breakfast at the log dump , Ted Brown (Swannell Camp) Wiliston Lake, northern BC Kemess Mine, northern BC Kenworth self loader, Serco 1000, northern Alberta
Kenworth T-800 with tridem lowbed and Hitachi 270 track-hoe Larry Temblays long logger, somewhere north of Mesilinka, northern BC, 1998 Load of slurry pipe headed to the Kemess Mine, northern BC, winter 1998
Louie at Louies, on the road to the Kemess Mine, his place is south of Waynes Hill Mesilinka Airport, 1996, northern BC Off highway load of logs, 80 tonne net, 5 axle long logger headed to Mackenzie BC, Finlay Forest Products
Schminkee, 2004 Sundown Ted and his dog, Medicine Hat, Alberta, 2001
Tony Wolfe watches the Cat burn, Valleyview, Alberta, 2002 WAKE UP!!!! AND WATCH OUT!!!! Where would we be without the free thinkers
Boulevard of broken ice floes International water truck, Imperial Esso, Cold Lake Alberta, January 2007, minus 57 degrees with a 60 kph wind chill. Kenworth tri-drive vacuum truck - Imperial Esso, Cold Lake Alberta, January 2007, 57 degrees below zero.
Kenworth WB900 loaded with logs and headed for Mackenzie, BC 1996 On the way into the logging camp, Mesilinka, north of Mackenzie BC, winter 1997 Water truck, International Eagle, Imperial esso, cold lake, alberta, minus 57 degrees below zero, 60 kph wind.

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