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My special thanks to Buzz Campbell for acquiring these pictures from his friend Doug Harper. Buzz also spent a lot of time to make sure that the captions for these pictures are accurate. Above is a picture that was given to Buzz when he retired from Safeway. The picture was taken overlooking Horsehoe Bay, just north of West Vancouver, BC.

All Photos are courtesy of Doug Harper, Whitehorse, Yukon

White Pass

Unit #14307. Kenworth 924 in White Pass yard in Whitehouse, still dressed in old White Pass colours. Taken in the late 1970's. Unit #15003. Western Star newly painted in the last paint scheme. Shown pulling a float in the 1982 Whitehorse Rendezvous Parade. Unit 30148. 1971 Kenworth 924 tanker shown at Petroleum Division loading rack in 1982.
Unit #30013. Kenworth LW-900 tanker. The attached trailer was used to haul bulk fuel in the lower tank and carry barrels of lube oil, fuel and jet fuel to remote areas. The phote was taken in 1982.
Unit #16217. 1980 Freightliner COE at White Pass' Whitehorse yard in 1982. This rig ran Anvil ore and was used for freight service. Unit #19303. Kenworth LW-900 hauling a B-Train from Skagway to Whitehorse. The lead trailer held a dry freight container and on the rear was a container of bulk lube oil. This highway service was undertaken after the railway freight service closed and the highway to Skagway was upgraded. All the Kenworth LW's were powered by a Cummins KT450, coupled to an RTO14515 and SR170 drives axles. A very rugged truck, which stood up well to the rigors of northern highway service. As a tractor, they were licensed for 60,010Kg (132,000 lbs) on 7 axles. They were procured for the Anvil ore operation in the early 80's. The photo was taken in 1995. Unit #19161. Another Kenworth LW hauling a pair of freight containers near Dry Creek on the Skagway road. Note the lead container was refrigerated. These containers were shipped between Vancouver and Skagway on the Frank H. Brown, the last White Pass & Yukon Railway ship. This photo was taken in 1995.
Unit #30086 just after White Pass Petroleum's sale to North 60 Petroleum. The photo shows the Kenworth twin-steer traversing a mine haul road in the Dawson district. Two of these units were purchased in the early 90's to haul fuel from Skagway to Whitehorse and for deliveries to remote mine sites. The exceptional traction of these trucks allowed them to access camps with the pup attached. Formerly the truck would drop the pup before going up to the camp to offload. They would then deadhead down to the pup and pump the load off to the truck and then proceed up again to discharge the balance. These units were Kenworth C500's, powered by Cummins 444XT coupled to an RTO4615 and SR170 rears. The forward steering axle was driven full time by a 2 speed transfer case. They were licensed for 72,999 Kg (160,000 lbs) on 8 axles.
Unit #31048 shown in White Pass yard in Whitehorse prior to a run. Note that the trailer tires are striped to allow the driver to check if they are rotating. In severe winter conditions, the brake shoes may freeze to the drums and the driver would never know. Units #30086 and 30077. They were known affectionately as the "BERTHA'S" or "SOWS." Unit 30077 just after delivery at the Whitehorse yard.
Unit #30077 when the Kenworth was still quite new
The two SOWS, Kenworth C500's, and two T800 tandem drive tractors, 19456 and 19465 have all been sold off and are in Alberta doing their thing.
Unit #19483. Kenworth T800 tri-drive, hauling a super B-Train. They were licensed for 72,999Kg (160,000 lbs) on 9 axles.
Unit #19492. Kenworth T800 tri-drive shown at Whitehorse airport prior to delivery. Same specs as unit #19483. Unit #19492 shown at the White Pass & Yukon Railway station in Whitehorse. Unit #19492 taken west of the airport.

White Pass Systems

White Pass Systems was formed in Edmonton, Alberta when White Pass operations in Whitehorse were curtailed in 1983. Much of the equipment from Whitehorse was transferred to Edmonton to operate with White Pass Systems. White Pass Systems was largely occupied with oil field business.

An unusual Kenworth LW900.
A Husky self-loading float. A Mack of similar configuration as the Kenworth LW.

North 60 Petroleum

Units 30148 and 30166. Two White Pass warriors of 1971 vintage. One of the Kenworth is in North 60 Petroleum livery. They are still going strong as local delivery tankers. Unit #30175. Kenworth T800 High Hood on the shores of Schwatka Lake. Unit #19526. Kenworth T800 High Hood tridem drive. Powered by Cummins N14 525 HP, coupled to Fuller 18-speed double OD. Licensed for 72,999 Kg (160,000 lbs). This photo was taken in 1998 when the unit was new.
For Alaska operations, the reach on the pup can be extended to give an overall length of 95 feet.
A Kenworth tandem axle with a B-Train tank set.

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