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Danco Transport Ltd. Grand Forks, BC

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Danco Transport's Ford tractor moving a barn. The boys at the yard call the picture the "Hillbilly RV" This is the 1st tractor in Danco Transport fleet. It is a 1963 Mack F Series Cabover powered with a NH 250 Cummins Engine; Spicer 4x4 Transmission; Mack Rear Axles. Second tractor owned by Danco Transport. It is a 1971 Hayes Clipper Cabover originally powered with a NTC-335 Cummins Engine (later repowered with a NTC400 Big Cam1 Cummins);RTO9513 "Roadranger" Transmission; Rockwell SQHD Rear Axles on Hendrickson Extended Leaf Suspension. Greg Danish in the Cab.
Third tractor owned by Danco Transport. It is a 1981 Western Star powered with a NTC-300 Cummins Big Cam1 Engine; RT-910 "Roadranger" Transmission; and a Rockwell Single Axle Rearend. This particular shot shows Geoff Danish hanging jewellery on the Alaska Highway north of Fort Nelson, BC. They had a load going to Anchorage, Alaska early in January of 1982. They experienced a lot of cold weather on the trip (check out the ice build up on the winterfront) with -62F being experienced at the Yukon Alaska border. Same trip, Ken Brandley got out in -62F to snap this shot. They couldn't keep the top clearance lights working due to the extreme cold. Geoff Danish on his way to Edmonton with a mixed load of lumber and general freight in 1985. Danco rented this Paclease tractor while waiting for their new Kenworth (unit#4). Geoff his holding his first of 3 future drivers (Shannon).
This was a shot of one of Public Freightway's Kenworths-Eastbound through Grand Forks, BC with what appears to be a load of pipe. One of Van-Kam's pups in a snowbank on the Hope-Princeton Highway in 1974. This is a picture of a Mexican Freighter somewhere between Mexicali and Tijuana Mexico. Geoff had not seen a tractor like this one before. The truck is a Rameriz R22. They were introduced around 1972.
Here is a picture of Danco's old Hayes pulling an A-Train load of potatoes to the Okanagan. This picture was taken on Highway 33 ust north of Westbridge, BC This is a picture of Goeff's brother Greg "Danks" Danish getting ready to leave Danco's yard in Grand Forks on a scheduled LTL run between Grand Forks and Vancouver. This picture same as previous photo, with a rear view of trailer 306. Danco's terminal building in the back ground.
Grand Forks CPR station and Danco Transport

We rented the old CP Transport shed attached to the train station. By 1976, it was too small for our needs and built our own facility in the industrial park. I never took a picture. Thank you Arnold Mooney for sharing this picture.

As an an update about this picture. The tracks along side the station are gone as well as this freight shed. Canadian Pacific sold the station and it is now a neighbourhood pub.

Here is a picture of "ole#5" backing into the particleboard plant with trailers 319 and 320. #5 was a KW cabover Tractor which Danco Transport acquired from Creighton Trucking. Danco used for a very short time until they traded it for a new Freightliner(Unit #7). The particular load is a load of resin used to make particle board. The resin was loaded into bladder bags which after unloading would roll up similar to a toothpaste tube permitting them to backhaul flatdeck commodities.
Here is a picture of #4 carrying a load of tanks for the particle board plant Here is another picture of #4 carying a load of lumber.  
Here is a picture of driver Walt Holmes beside #7 prior to departure with a load of particleboard-Destination:Vancouver. #7 is the 7th tractor in Danco's fleet. She is a 1986 Freightliner powered with a 3406B-425hp Cat Engine, a RTO-15615 Eaton Transmission riding on Ds460P Eaton Rearends.
Here is a picture of (L-R) Greg Danish, Fred Starchuk, and Randy Winter preparing for a major overhaul of lowbed 324. Greg and Randy are learning valuable tips from our friend Fred Starchuk who was 80 years young when this picture was taken.
Danco #8 is a 4300 Series Transtar International. She is powered by a 8V92T Detroit Engine coupled to an Eaton RTO15615 Transmission riding on 46000 Rockwell Rearends. This particular load is one of many that Danco has hauled from the Central Interior of British Columbia bound for Customers in the United States.
Here is a picture of #9 Coupled to a Railroad Trailer getting ready to leave for the intermodal yard in Spokane, WA. This tractor is a 1990 Kenworth T-600. This tractor is powered with a 425 hp Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engine coupled to a RTO-16618 18 speed Eaton Transmission and Eaton DS460P rearends riding on Kenworth 8 bag Airride Suspension.
Here is a picture of Driver Charles "Chuck" Canine getting ready to leave on another run. Charles has the distinction of being honoured "Driver of the Month" more times than any driver at Danco Transport.
Here is a nice night shot of #9 with a load of sawmill machinery
This is our newest tractor and the 11th in the fleet. She is a 1997 Freightliner Century Class with a 430/470 Detroit Diesel. 10 Speed Eaton Transmission, Eaton Rear ends. This truck is the most comfortable truck I had ever driven (You can actually stand up without hitting your head when you get out of the sleeper. This picture was taken just before Christmas 2002 at the summit on the Salmo Creston Highway. This is a picture of Bob Price's Pride and Joy #2311. Bob's Truck is a KW with a Cat Engine. The truck is painted all black with lots of chrome. Bob spent countless hours making sure his tractor looked "Just Right"-Nice Picture Bob. LEASE OPERATOR Don Pedrini owned this truck #2312. The specs were similar to Bob Price's Kenworth except it had a Cummins Engine. Picture seen here is 2312 hooked up to Lowbed 324 ready to haul an excavator to Vancouver.

The following were taken at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan while on vacation.
Cole Freight of Maine-Federal Tractor pulling a Fruehauf trailer Early Harley Davidson Motorcycle-note the belt drive Early RV
Oscar Meyer "Wienermobile" Colourful RV taken at Missoula, Montana

These are my friends, Leonard Bannert on the left and Jason Odlund on the right. We are having a little fun with Leonard trying to find some excuse to give him a ticket for his 1960 mack. Leonard recently rebuilt this truck and did a real nice job. I took it out for a spin just before the picture was taken. Getting use to 2 sticks took a little practice. My partner Benny riding shotgun. You will notice he is safety conscious. This is a picture of a modified honda. The young gentlemen who did the modification gave me a tour of his rig complete with air electric compressor. This picture was taken in Columbus, Mt while fuelling up.
Crossing the Columbia River in Washington State on Keller Ferry. This ferry is so small that the front of the tractor and the rear of the trailer overhang. Another amusing sign on my travels. taken at Reardan Wa Here is a picture of one of our flatdecks that we converted to a curtainside. Randy Winter and myself built the bulkhead, roof and rear section in our shop and then sent the trailer to Vancouver to have the curtains installed. That's Harold from Cover All Tarp in Vancouver standing by his recently installed curtains. He did a real nice job.
This is a picture of my cousin Jim Danish's new Mack. Jim, with his brothers Don and Ken operate Fisher Branch-Hodgson Transport out of Fisher Branch, Manitoba. That truck looks real nice. Another picture of Jim's Mack. That's Don's R Model in the back ground. Advertisement for a wife on the back of a semi trailer. taken at Beach, ND

Recently back from Cancun Mexico. Took a side trip to Isla Mujeres and came across this gem. The hood says autocar but that could be anybody's guess. Cab is home made, Tires are either bald or flat (check out tractor #2 axle, right inside tire), load security seems a little lacking, I'll bet there isn't a weigh scale anywhere on this boy's route. Where is the DOT when you need them????
This picture is on Tulum Avenue in Cancun. This is where Mexican truckers break up their road trains for delivery in Cancun. This picture is from the ferry dock at Isla Mujeres. This tractor trailer is waiting to board the ferry to Punta Sam on the mainland.

These pictures are of two energetic young Mexican men with their home built rig. I really admire the Mexican people with their innovative ways of making trucking work in sometimes not so ideal conditions. I think we Canadians and Americans take a lot of things for granted as we can go to a dealership and order up just about anything you want. These young men are doing the best with their resources-my hat is off to them.

The third picture (on the right) shows a similar outfit, taken in Puerto Vallarta by Hank Suderman in January 2006.

Hank Suderman and I arranged to meet together while I was in the area. So we met up at Hertz Equipment Rental in Surrey while I was picking up a scissor lift platform on March 28, 2006

These pictures were taken on September 11, 2011 at the weigh scale just south of Pocatello, Idaho. I understand that this load is moving from a manufacturer in Pocatello to Salt Lake City. I paced the entire combination and it measured 342 feet more or less. The load travels at night as it occupied both lanes of I-15 southbound and the government wants minimal disruption of traffic. There is 1 tractor pulling and 2 tractors pushing. Quite a load for sure.

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