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A White Road Boss owned by Frank Marchetti transport running Melbourne to Sydney This is a Ford Louisville triple road train car carrier photographed between Adelaide and Alice Springs on the way to Darwin
Mack Superliner heavy salvage unit powered by a 450 hp V8 Mack and 13 speed transmission Mack Valueliner V8 454 hp and Maxicube frig pan.
This Kenworth pictured in the late 1960's between Moree and Boggabilla on a run from Melbourne to Brisbane. I drove this truck for about 2 years. It was powered by a 350 hp Cummins with a 15 speed Fuller and Eaton 2 speed bogie drive. It had a top speed of 84 mph [140 kph].
Ford Louisville powered by a 692 Detroit diesel and a Lucar refrig pan
Here is a photo of the first truck I owned. It was a Mercedes Benz 338 series I ran to most states in Australia with this one. The load here was pipes for a natural gas pipeline and was about 5 feet over length. Here are 2 shots of an Australian Safeway Kenworth. This unit was running Melbourne to Sydney with a hired B-Double. This KW is powered by a 460 Cat 18 speed Roadranger gearbox.
G'day are two photos of SAFEWAY AUSTRALIA number 79B that I drove for 8 years. When it was replaced it had 1.4 million kilometers on the clock
SAFEWAY AUSTRALIA number 137B brand new Dec 19, 2003 power is Detroit series 60/13 speed Roadranger gearbox., coupled to a Peki 45 foot frig pan. This unit replaced 79 B which was powered by a 3176 Cat.
B Model Mack taken at a truck show in Melbourne in 2003 Another B Model Mack taken at a truck show in Melbourne in 2003
S Model Kenworth taken at a truck show in Melbourne in 2003 Scaled down model Kenworth taken at a truck show in Melbourne in 2003
Here are two shots of a MANNWAY Kenworth Aerodyne B-Double. Powered by a 550 hp Cat & 18 speed roadranger gear box. The trailers are new Vaudrey taut-liners.This truck does 5 return trips between Melbourne & Sydney per fort night,a total of approximately 10000 kilometers. Driver is Frank Johnson.
Dick Gray Transport from Tooradin Victoria
Australian built INTERNATIONAL T Line owned by JEFF KITCHEN from Cranbourne Victoria Two pictures of KW & BE GRAY's Tooradin Vic S/Line International
A Mack milk tanker owned by PETER STOITSE Transport Welshpool Victoria Sultana Brothers Kenworth from Sydney T650 KW belonging to JEDKA Cranbourne running Melbourne----Sydney
TRT from Tooradin Victoria
Mack triple roadtrain in central Australia T950 KENWORTH triple roadtrain in outback Australia

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