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This picture was taken in March 2006. My driver Jewell thompson is getting ready to load up another load of crushed cars. The truck is a 1989 International 9300 Eagle, 315 big cam Cummins with 9 speed Roadranger This picture was taken in June 2006. We also use this truck to haul scrap with. It is a 1999 Volvo with m-11 Cummins, 10 speed
This wrecker is what I use to pull in all of my old antique truck when I buy them. I have about 15 4070 Transtar's and about 30 other ole trucks that I have bought up over the paat 2 years, just to have parts for, mostly International trucks. I love fixing up and restoring old International trucks and trading in them. This truck is a 1986 International S-2275, 240 small cam Cummins, 10 speed with only 395,000 actual miles
This is my driver, Jewell Thompson's, new truck that we put him in. It is a 1999 Freightliner, 12.7 Detroit, 10 speed, 3 stage Jake Brake, dual strait stacks. We just got this out of the paint shop and had the decals put on when this picture was taken in July 2006.
This is what happens when driver tries to run a redlight with a load of crushed cars. Gravity always wins. We had just redone this truck about 6 months before it got wrecked. It was a 1993 Ih 8100, 3176-B kitty @ 350hp, 13 speed. These pictures were taken in May 2004
This is a picture of the same truck that got laid over about 1 year before June 2003. This is right before we redid the truck. This use to be my personal truck that I drove a couple years ago. It was a 1990 Ih 9300 eagle, 3406-B cat with 9 speed. This truck had 600,000 miles on it when I sold it. I really enjoyed driving this truck. This picture was taken in November 2003.
This is my 1981 Ih 4300 Brougham eagle hauling a couple of old trucks I fixed up. This picture was take in September 2003. We also use this truck to haul scrap and crushed cars . It is a 1998 Ih 9400 with 11.1 series 60 detroit @ 410hp, 10 speed tranny. The truck has 485,000 miles on it.

This is a 1975 International Fleetstar 2070-A. It has a NTC 335 Small Cam Cummins, 9513 tranny and has 309,000 actual miles. I bought this truck from the farmer that bought it new. The truck has never set outside overnight
This truck is our brand new roll-off truck that we just bought. It is a 2007 Ih Paystar 5000 Eagle, ISX Cummins @ 510 Hp, 13 speed. This truck has every option you can order on a new Ih truck. This is the 1st brand new truck we have ever owned and I dont know how to act have working cold a/c.

This is my 1981 International Transtar 4300 Brougham Eagle. I have had this truck for about 2 1/2 years. This is one of about 300 made. The body and interior is all orginal. The truck came with a 8-V-92 Detroit but was replace in 1993 with a brand new 3406-B 400 hp cat and a new 13 double overdrive tranny. I have had all the suspension rebuilt from front to back and changed the rears from 370 to 410 ratio b/c the truck was geared to high with the double overdrive tranny. This is my big toy and Im the only driver in this truck. The pics were taken 9-10-06

This is our 1998 International hooked up to the car crusher ready to go to the next job. The pic was taken in 9-06

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