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All of these photos and pages belonged to my Dad, Leon Ellis. He started out as a local driver at So-Cal in 1953. Then moved up to line driver in 1959 stayed with So-Cal-ONC till 1970. He lost his job there over the wildcat walkout. He started working over at CME in late 1970 till his retirement in 1985.I lost him to cancer on Oct.16,2001.
Newsletter anouncing that So-Cal is no more ONC Service Guide
Ken Goudy Jr drawings for an ONC magazine A page from a 1967 ONC newsletter. The lower left corner shows Ken Goudy Sr and Ken Goudy Jr. A page from a 1957 ONC newsletter, ReveNews. This page outlines a brief history of ONC, So. Cal. and Coast Lines.

All of this group of photos were taken along Highway 99 on the hill or in the valley
Robert Ellis' father,Leon Ellis, standing next to his ONC Freightliner ONC Freightliner with a set of doubles ONC Freightliner next to an unidentified Peterbilt produce hauler
ONC Peterbilt "Bubblenose" with a set of doubles. This Peterbilt was an old Coast Line repainted into ONC colors. ONC Kenworth with a canvas top trailer Coast Lee & Eastes Freightliner
Leon Ellis standing next to his ONC International Emeryville with a So-Cal trailer. So-Cal Freightliner
These pictures are of one of my Dad's best friends, Keith Reno.
They both started at So-Cal. at the same time.
Jim Bruno worked with Dad at So-Cal O-N-C, C-M-E and Keith Reno did the same
Jerry Span ?? Jerry Span ?? The man on the left unknown, middle is Charlie Moore, right Jim Bruno. Charlie also went to C-M-E.
Unknown driver standing by this O-N-C International Emeryville Coast Lee & Eastes Freightliner Note the side of the O-N-N trailer advertising the Seattle Worlds Fair held in 1962
Dad standing next to his International at the fuel bay That is me and Dad. Yes the boots are yellow. Me and Dad
This was the last picture of Dad and I together

C A L I F O R N I A   M O T O R   E X P R E S S   ( C M E )   Y A R D   I N   L O S   A N G E L E S ,   C A
CME ready line at the Los Angeles shop. CME Point List from the late 60's

Thunderbird Freight Lines point lists

Collection patches that once belonged to Leon Ellis

These Willig Freight Lines pictures were taken at the Los Angeles, CA yard when Bob worked for them

Bob standing next to an ABF Mack when he was driving casual for them.
Bob currently drives for L.A. Yuma Freight Lines. Here are pictures of the trucks that he drives.
When Bob isn't working, this is what he does on his time off. Hot air, cool water...

Some photos of my father-in law. Don Wilson who drove for Commercial Motor Freight in Ohio and CF in Southern California
My father in law Don Wilson when he drove for Commercial Motor Freight in Ohio (Late 50's) Taken in 1966 when he drove for CF. He retired in 1987 from the Mira Loma terminal.

Some photos of the truck I drive for CSM Transportaion in Chino, CA.

These pictures are from October, 2010 at the Trucking for Kids show in Irwindale, CA. I won first place in class for my CSM Transportation tractor.

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